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How to Use a CBD Vape Pen

Jeff Yauck | July 22, 2021
how to use a cbd vape pen

According to research, vaping CBD provides a bioavailability rate between 34% and 46% – much higher than other consumption methods, like CBD oils. For those who don’t know, bioavailability refers to the specific percentage of a compound (in this case CBD) that is available for use in the body. 

With this in mind, many people are switching to CBD vape pens as their primary method of consumption. However, one significant negative of vaping CBD oil is the initial cost. You have to buy a vaporizer to get started, and make no mistake – quality vapes are not cheap. Additionally, it’s worth pointing out that research data on the long-term health effects of vaping are nearly non-existent.

Nevertheless, the simple reality is that a lot of folks are wanting to get in on vaping CBD due to its potent, fast-acting effects. In today’s post, we will be taking a look at how to use a CBD vape pen, and also giving you a simple explanation of vape pen safety, use, and market choice.

What Is a CBD Vape Pen?

Vape pens are pretty self-explanatory. They’re small little handheld devices that look like a pen, and they’re typically crafted with either plastic or metal, not unlike an e-cigarette. However, the e-liquid in CBD vape pens does not contain nicotine; unsurprisingly, the main compound is CBD. Vape pens work by heating the CBD e-liquid enough to evaporate it and turn it into a vapor, hence the term vaporizer. The vapor is then inhaled into the lungs, where the CBD is almost immediately absorbed into the bloodstream (therefore explaining the fast-acting effects).

In terms of functionality, all CBD vape pens are constructed of the same few basic parts. There is a chamber for the e-liquid, a battery, and a mouthpiece to inhale through. Of course, vape pens can differ tremendously in terms of their construction quality, heating power, and so on. Which brings us to our next major point – the fact that CBD vape pen safety is largely determined by the quality of device you’re using.

Is Vaping CBD Risky?

Vaping has been subject to lots of controversy and confusion over the last decade. One issue that often crops up is whether oils and CBD e-liquids can be used interchangeably in a CBD vape pen. The answer to this is no. If you already vape CBD e-liquids and use CBD oil, then you might be tempted to drop your CBD oil into your vape pen. Don’t do this. Standard CBD oil is much too viscous to be vaporized, and will likely burn and break your vape pen before serving you any benefits.

As a result, you have to purchase specially made e-liquids containing CBD. Often, these are CBD oils diluted down using thinning agents, such as propylene glycol, PEG, etc. Unfortunately, these agents can break down into potentially harmful (even carcinogenic) substances if heated to extreme temperatures – as is often the case with cheap CBD vape pens . That being said, thinning agents are used in most all e-liquids, so you run this risk when vaping anyway.

Another potential risk is that CBD oils thinned into e-liquids sometimes still contain oil and fat, which can get into your lungs. Microglobules of oil can accumulate and lead to potential respiratory discomfort. Furthermore, the flavorings used in most e-liquids are artificial, and likely aren’t the healthiest thing on the planet. 

For these reasons, the team here at Premium Jane prefers to keep things 100% natural. This is why, for those that prefer to consume their CBD by inhaling, we offer pure CBD joints made from some of the finest hemp on the planet. Joints offer an authentic smoking experience, and in our opinion, their benefits and the overall experience that they offer far surpass the uncertainties that come along with using a CBD vape pen.

Nevertheless, if you’re dead set on using a vape pen, continue reading to learn more about this increasingly popular consumption technique.

How to Use Disposable CBD Vape Pens

Strictly because of cost, most people end up starting with a disposable CBD vape pen. They are cheaper than rechargeable devices, and while they are not the most powerful models on the market, they do the job quite well. They are ideal for giving you a taste of CBD vaping to see whether you genuinely like it.

Most disposable vape pens come pre-filled with an e-liquid. Manufacturers will tell you how much CBD is contained within the cartridge, and they should also inform you how many inhalations it will take (on average) to use up the entire pen.

In general, the best CBD vape pens will require very little (if any) skill to operate. A lot of them come pre-charged, so there is no need to even charge the device up. All you need to do is take a pull on the device through the mouthpiece, and your breathing will activate it. As you inhale, the device will heat and vaporize the e-liquid, at which point you can release a cloud of tasty vapor on the exhale. And of course once you’re done, you simply throw the device away.

Naturally, this is another thing that pushes our buttons (pun!) here at Premium Jane. There’s actually a big ongoing controversy surrounding the environmental hazards presented by disposable CBD vape pens. Think about it – these devices are cheap, most often made of non-renewable plastics, and are tossed in the landfill (typically within a matter of days) once they run out. Just another reason to go the 100% natural route and use pure, authentic pre-rolled joints instead.

Final Thoughts on CBD Vape Pens

For new users that want to try vaping CBD, disposable vape pens are usually the go-to choice. They don’t have to commit to an expensive vaporizer, or even decide which e-liquid to use. However, for the reasons outlined above, we try and steer all new users away from using CBD vape pens. There is little to no research on their long-term health effects, and equally as alarming is the fact that they’re terrible for the environment.

For potent, fast-acting CBD effects and a truly authentic smoking experience, there is no better option in our opinion than keeping things natural and going with a pre-roll made from genetically selected USA-grown hemp. Do yourself (and the environment) a favor and opt for a time-tested inhalation technique instead of buying into all the marketing buzz that’s currently surrounding the world of CBD vape pens.


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