CBD Shatter: The Ultimate Guide

cbd shatter

These days, it may seem that there are endless CBD products out there. When trying to decide on your next CBD purchase, it can feel a bit daunting. Do you stick to your standard CBD oil? Or do you venture out into the vast land that is the CBD market and make a more daring purchase?

With the enormity of the current CBD market, it would be a waste not to give some other products a try. There’s so much variation, something is bound to appeal to you. It sounds a bit corny, but whether it be a topical or a vape – or something in between – there’s a CBD product for everyone.

That said, the CBD isolate market can often feel like a whole other kettle of fish. There are multiple types of CBD isolate, including crystals, powder, wax, and shatter. Today, we will explore CBD shatter in more detail. If you think CBD shatter could be the product for you, then read on to find out more.

All About Isolates

Like all CBD products, isolates contain cannabidiol. The difference is that full-spectrum (or “non-isolate”) CBD products also carry a variety of other ingredients. A standard CBD oil for example will contain additional cannabinoids, as well as terpenes from the hemp plant.

Manufacturers of any CBD product must first grow the hemp, then dry and cure it. Next, plant matter is put through an extraction process. Most brands now use CO2 extraction, as this is considered the safest in terms of the end product. The CO2 extracts most compounds, including useful cannabinoids and terpenes.

In the case of CBD oil, the extract is essentially mixed into a carrier oil and then bottled. Depending on the specific range of terpenes and other compounds that are included, the resulting oil could be full-spectrum or perhaps broad-spectrum if any filtering took place.

In the case of CBD isolate, the extract goes through lots and lots of filtration. Slowly, each compound is filtered out until only the CBD is left behind. Usually, isolates contain a 90%+ CBD content. Sometimes manufacturers will add terpenes back into the isolate (this is what is known as a ‘terpsolate’).

CBD isolate can be made into different products. Sometimes, they are infused into oils to create a CBD isolate oil. Sometimes they are made into things like gummies. Usually, though, isolates are sold in the form of powder, wax, crystals, or shatter.

Why Is CBD Shatter Different?

CBD shatter is so-called because, when handled, it easily breaks —  i.e. shatters. It is a hard, brittle substance, often a yellow-amber color. It is easy to confuse shatter with wax, but we’ll try to clear up the difference.

CBD wax and CBD shatter have a few similarities, as they are both CBD isolates. However, CBD shatter is slightly harder to make. After the filtration process, isolates go through a setting stage, at which point the texture and consistency are determined. Shatter takes a lot of care during this stage, and it must be kept away from light and heat changes. Also, it really shouldn’t be touched at all.

If the shatter is disturbed during this phase, it’s texture and consistency will change. Crystals will form on the surface, the isolate will become opaque, and it will ‘transform’ into a wax rather than a shatter.

In terms of quality and potency, CBD shatter is much the same as any other CBD isolate. You can also get a shatter in terpsolate form, but too many terpenes will change the consistency. It is more common to find shatter as a pure isolate. Most often, it is available for sale in increments of one gram.

How to Use CBD Shatter

There are multiple ways to use CBD shatter, including mixing with it. But for this, you would have to melt it down first, which risks losing the cannabinoids. If you’re looking to cook with isolates or make your own CBD products, then it would be better to buy crystals or powder.

Most people choose to use CBD shatter by dabbing it. Dabbing is a process of vaporizing concentrates (isolates) on a hot plate or nail, inhaling the resulting vapor. For this, you will need a dab rig and something to heat it with.

A little goes a long way with shatter. Remember, you will likely only be purchasing one gram at a time. Simply drop, or ‘dab,’ the concentrate onto the heated surface. The shatter vaporizes instantly as it melts, leaving a cloud of vapor for you to inhale.

It is possible to use a vape pen for this, but make sure you have a vaporizer that is designed to handle concentrates. Simply add the shatter to the heating chamber, and vape away.

The Benefits of CBD Shatter

Shatter has several benefits. Of course, the primary benefits are those associated with cannabidiol products in general. CBD is thought to give you a general sense of well-being, and act as a health supplement to support everyday health. When consuming shatter, you will access the potential health benefits associated with CBD.

But why choose shatter over another product?

For one thing, CBD isolates are great for anyone concerned about THC. Although most CBD products contain minimal THC, isolates contain none at all. Isolates could be ideal if you are wary of THC, or if you often undergo workplace drug testing. The trace amounts of THC from CBD products should never show up on a drug test.

Dabbing isolates is a rapid method of uptake, and you should feel the effects of the CBD almost immediately. Inhalation provides a speedy route to the bloodstream; dabbing and vaping are favored in terms of being fast-acting. Plus, dabs are incredibly potent!

Each time you dab, you only need a tiny amount. This reduces the inhalation time and the amount you’re inhaling to almost nothing, possibly reducing the risk of future health complications.

Shatter itself is even better in this respect. It has a more stable molecular structure, meaning it lasts longer before degrading as compared to other concentrates like wax.

Note, however, that isolates can be expensive due to their extensive manufacturing. If money is an issue, perhaps isolates aren’t for you.

Final Thoughts on CBD Shatter

CBD shatter is just one of the many CBD products available. It is a form of CBD isolate, with a hard and brittle consistency. For those who enjoy dabbing and making use of CBD isolates, shatter may be the perfect solution.

However, shatter is not as versatile as other products. While powder can be added to food, for example, shatter is pretty much only good for dabbing. You also have to factor in the initial start-up costs of buying a dab rig.

For experienced dabbers, shatter could be the way to go. If you find it more challenging to break up than other isolates, try heating your dab tool a little first. And remember, with shatter, a little goes a long way. It is important not to overdo it with CBD concentrates, so always go low and slow.

To be honest, the general CBD user will probably prefer another product that is simpler to use. That being said, CBD shatter makes a beautiful addition to the already diverse CBD market.

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