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When looking for a quality CBD topical for sale, you’ll want to find a product that’s been crafted using the same high-quality ingredients as oral hemp tincture. At PremiumJane, each and every lotion is infused with cannabidiol straight from USA-grown organic hemp plant material. We have so many options when it comes to topical CBD.
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  • pj-topical-eucalyptus
    CBD Topical Salve – 750 mg CBD – Eucalyptus
    Rated 4.71 out of 5
    118 reviews
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  • pj-topical-cocoa butter
    CBD Topical Salve – 1,500 mg CBD – Cocoa Butter
    Rated 4.69 out of 5
    104 reviews
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  • CBD Rejuvenation Cream - 200 mg CBD
    CBD Rejuvenation Cream – 200 mg CBD
    Rated 4.62 out of 5
    29 reviews
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  • CBD Facial Day Cream | 300 mg CBD
    CBD Facial Day Cream – 300 mg CBD
    Rated 4.59 out of 5
    29 reviews
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  • CBD Facial Night Cream - 300 mg CBD
    CBD Facial Night Cream – 300 mg CBD
    Rated 4.69 out of 5
    29 reviews
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  • CBD Creamy Charcoal Facial Cleanser - 200 mg CBD
    CBD Creamy Charcoal Facial Cleanser – 200 mg CBD
    Rated 4.58 out of 5
    38 reviews
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  • CBD Facial Scrub - 200 mg CBD
    CBD Facial Scrub – 200 mg CBD
    Rated 4.59 out of 5
    29 reviews
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  • CBD Oil Сontrol Facial Cleanser - 200 mg CBD
    CBD Oil Сontrol Facial Cleanser – 200 mg CBD
    Rated 4.62 out of 5
    39 reviews
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Buy CBD Topicals Online: The Best CBD Topical for Sale?

CBD topicals offer a unique cannabidiol delivery system that allows users to administer the active CBD compound directly to the site of discomfort (in other words, by massaging into the skin). At PremiumJane, our infused CBD salves for sale are made from the same expertly crafted extract as our top-shelf CBD oils and capsules. Moreover, our products are USA-made using organic, non-GMO hemp from regulated Kentucky farms. When you buy CBD topicals from PremiumJane, you are truly getting one of the most expertly-crafted CBD creams on the market.

We use state-of-the-art CO2 extraction equipment for our complete product range, meaning that every single one of our products – including our premium line of CBD topical creams – is infused with nothing but high-quality, CBD-rich hemp. When extracted using this advanced technique, you are getting an incredibly user friendly, reliable CBD topical cream that can be applied directly to desired areas.

We understand that many folks out there are looking for things like CBD muscle rub for sale online. These products can come in a variety of different formats (some of which are better than others), but we remind all potential customers that NONE of our products are designed or intended to cure, treat, or help diagnose any medical condition, ailment, or disease.


With PremiumJane, you are getting an ointment that has been sourced from some of the country’s finest industrial hemp. Our CBD creams are laboratory-verified for quality and content – meaning no second-guessing as to whether or not the cream actually contains what’s listed on the label.

CBD Topicals for Sale: CBD Oil vs. CBD Cream | What's the Difference?

There are lots of different options when it comes to topical CBD for sale. CBD topical creams offer a completely different mode of delivery from other CBD-infused products like oils, capsules, or edibles. When you use a topical CBD product, you are applying the active component directly to the skin, thereby administering the cannabidiol in a quick, efficient way without exposing it to metabolic processes in the digestive system.

You might be wondering, then; “why don’t we just use CBD topical creams for everything?” Well, the main reason for this is that the cannabidiol compound simply cannot access the entire body through topical application. In other words, the effects of CBD are limited when applied to the skin as opposed to actually consuming it orally.

Many people take CBD oil for a variety of reasons – oftentimes specific reasons. Likewise, many of our customers enjoy applying a topical CBD cream directly to a sore area. Using a topical CBD cream for muscle soreness could also be effective due to the simple mechanical effects of massaging. When you massage CBD cream into sore muscles, the massaging action may help stimulate blood flow within the muscle fibers. This could help to ease the soreness, and potentially work to improve recovery time after training or physical activity.

At PremiumJane, we include a range of hemp-based extracts and essential oils along with the full-spectrum CBD content to offer a refreshing, rejuvenating experience for your body and soul. Some of the balancing, moisturizing, and restorative ingredients in our topical CBD lotion for sale include:

  • Eucalyptus essential oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Argan oil
  • Emu oil
  • Omega-3 oils
  • Hibiscus flower extract
  • Aloe vera extract

PremiumJane CBD Topicals: Don't Be Misled by Other Information

First and foremost, it’s important to reiterate that NONE of our products are designed or intended to cure, treat, or help diagnose any medical condition, ailment, or disease. Some media outlets out there may promote content that topical CBD products for sale can be used as a “CBD lotion for arthritis,” but this is both deceptive and inaccurate. The truth is, CBD is NOT approved as a pain relief treatment for arthritis. Therefore they should NOT be marketed as one.

We want to make it clear to our customers here at Premium Jane that our topicals are not some “CBD cream for arthritis for sale.” Always be wary of companies that may urge you to do something like ‘buy CBD pain cream for arthritis.’ Product descriptions and effects and can often be deceptive, and may not take into consideration the best interests of the customer.

That being said, there are many high-quality CBD topicals for sale out there on the market. Just be sure to do plenty of reading and research, and always be sure to read reviews and customer comments before committing to any one particular brand or product.

PremiumJane topical CBD cream is crafted from our organic Kentucky hemp supply and is lab tested for cannabidiol content (using third-party lab reports). In other words, you can be certain that we are one of the few companies who make an honest effort to invest in this sort of transparency for you, the customer. Again, however, we remind customers that our products are not intended to treat any medical condition or ailment. Our 1,500mg and 750mg topical CBD creams for sale are made using hemp extract, as well as other ingredients. The products are intended to support hydrated, smooth feeling, moisturized skin.

CBD Topicals FAQ

I’ve never tried CBD Cream or CBD Topical. What can I expect?

Customers have used our topical CBD cream for a massive range of applications. The moisturizing components may help provide long-lasting hydration for dry or damaged skin, while the infusion of organic CBD extract may provide benefits in its own right. Of course, none of our CBD products will produce a high — ever.

Can you ensure the CBD Cream will be useful?

Based simply off the nature of the product, CBD creams and other types of CBD lotions can present a challenge in terms of gauging how many milligrams of CBD you’re actually getting. Some users apply enough of the cream to thinly cover a specific area they want. Often, a small thumbnail-sized portion is enough to cover an area of about 8 cm x 8 cm. Of course, everyone is different so this generalization may not be applicable to each and every situation. Listen to your body, and develop a technique that works for you.

Can CBD Topicals and CBD Creams help to relieve arthritis symptoms?

Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent arthritis or any other disease. We offer both Cocoa Butter 1,500mg CBD creams as well as 750mg Eucalyptus topical CBD creams for sale. Both of these are made using hemp extract, as well as other ingredients. Our CBD topical creams are intended to support hydrated, smooth, moisturized skin.

What’s the difference between CBD Topical and CBD Cream?

Nothing! The term ‘topical’ simply refers to something that can be applied directly to the skin, rather than consumed or ingested via other means. All of our Premium Jane CBD creams are for topical use, meaning they are simply massaged into the skin. (Not made for oral consumption!).

What is CBD Cream best used for?

Customers use Premium Jane CBD creams for a massive range of applications. We have received positive feedback from folks all across the US, and of course, due to the moisturizing components many have cited improvements in the feel and appearance of their skin. Simply massage a small amount of CBD cream onto the desired area, and experience the impact of one of the finest-quality CBD extracts in the US.

What is CBD Topical best for?

Again, we really cannot say or suggest what our high-quality CBD topical is best used for, as folks use it for many different reasons. Scan through some of our customer-submitted comments and reviews, and see for yourself the range of applications that our industry-leading products are used for. And of course, always feel free to send us a question if you’re unsure about how to use!

Are your CBD Creams and CBD Topicals better than other CBD Ointments?

At Premium Jane, the products that we make have been extracted and sourced from organically-grown plants right here in the USA. Not many other manufacturers of high-quality CBD topical can say that. We believe in the power of quality ingredients, and we spare nothing to deliver the finest, most reliable ointment on the market.

How does CBD Topical compare to CBD Ointment?

Realistically, there is no distinguishable difference between the terms ‘topical’ and ‘ointment.’ Both are limited to topical application, and are not made to be ingested or consumed in any other manner.

Can you tell me more about CBD Cream?

Generally speaking, only a small amount of CBD cream needs to be used to cover a relatively large surface area. In fact, we’ve heard from some customers that a single 2 oz jar can last them well over a month of daily use. Of course, application sizes can differ based on each individual, so listen to your body and find an amount that works for you and your needs.