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There’s certainly no shortage of CBD gummies for sale on the modern domestic hemp market. Do a little research, however, and you’ll find that a massive discrepancy exists among products in terms of both quality and cannabinoid content. At PremiumJane, we’ve been consistently voted as a Top-3 CBD manufacturer by some of the nation’s leading cannabis websites and media outlets, and our CBD oil gummies are one of our most popular products.
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Buy CBD Gummies: Expertly Crafted and Pure Quality

At PremiumJane, we realize there are more than a handful of brands out there claiming to have the best CBD gummies online. However, due to the years of work, personal investment, and research we have done to try and come up with the perfect product, we maintain with full conviction that we really do offer the best CBD gummies that money can buy.

Here at PremiumJane, we source our CBD-rich hemp from the finest organic farms in rural Kentucky, allowing us to provide 100% organic CBD gummies. Since the plants come from regulated hemp farms, they are routinely inspected for content and, most importantly, quality.

Moreover, the crops have been genetically selected to contain only the highest quality cannabinoids and phytochemicals, thereby ensuring that you get the absolute most out of your CBD experience.

When you buy CBD gummies online from PremiumJane, you’re not only getting the gold standard of hemp-derived CBD quality, but also one of the best and most refreshing products on the global market, period. Not convinced? Just have a look at our up-to-date lab reports, or browse through some of our top-rated customer comments and feedback.

Also, you can rest assured that when you order CBD gummies online from us, you’re not getting a run-of-the-mill hemp seed product with minimal cannabinoid content. Our CBD gummies for sale are sourced from the same organic, CBD-rich Kentucky hemp as our oils and capsules, and thus contain all of the cannabidiol goodness that you could expect to find in a top-shelf product.

CBD Gummies for Sale Online

When you’re shopping for CBD gummy bears or looking to buy CBD gummies for sale online, it’s crucial you know what you’re looking at and understand how to distinguish between high and low-quality products.

The content of our vegan CBD gummies here at PremiumJane is verified with state-of-the-art lab testing equipment for both content and quality. We cut no corners in the manufacturing process, and we ensure that our gummies are crafted with the same expertise and responsibility as our other industry-leading products.

Also, it’s important to point out that our CBD gummy bears are made using CBD and no THC. In other words, they are 100% THC-free. Our CBD oils and CBD capsules are made from full-spectrum hemp extract, meaning they contain trace amounts of THC under 0.3% by dry weight.

Moreover, when you buy CBD gummies from PremiumJane, you’re not only buying one of the most trusted products on the market, but also one of the most delicious. We infuse our CBD products with incredibly flavorful ingredients, and in all honesty, you’ll probably find it difficult to eat just one per day! At 25mg per individual gummy, though, the majority of our customers say that one is more than enough to achieve the results they’re looking for, and many get by with just a half gummy per day.

However, whether you end up eating one or more than one on a day-to-day basis (we don’t recommend more than three within a 24 hour period), you can rest assured that PremiumJane CBD gummy bears are the highest quality hemp edibles for sale online.

Why Order PremiumJane CBD Gummies?

With the vast amounts of roadside signs and in-store advertisements you see all over the place for “CBD gummies for sale,” you might be wondering why you’d order CBD infused gummies online rather than just buying from a local retailer, convenience store, gas station, or “health food store” down the street.

Well, let’s just say that when you’re buying from stores like these, you really have no idea what you’re getting. When you buy CBD gummies online from PremiumJane, you’re getting a quality, lab-tested product that’s backed up by quality analysis from some of the most trusted analytics laboratories in the country.

And of course, you’re also treating yourself to one of the most delicious and convenient ways of consuming CBD. A lot of people like to take their CBD oil or CBD edible products on the go with them, and use them as needed throughout the day. Some people feel uncomfortable doing this with an oil dropper however due to the cumbersome nature of the consumption process (you have to place oil drops under your tongue, hold before swallowing, etc).

With CBD gummies, however, you don’t have to worry about this kind of stuff. Eating a gummy bear is as routine and problem-free as eating any other kind of small candy, and in fact, there’s really no effort involved at all. Lastly, however, while you may have heard or read online about people using CBD gummies for pain, it’s important to remind potential customers that Premium Jane gummies – including our gummies – are NOT designed or intended to cure, treat, or help diagnose any medical condition, ailment, or disease.

CBD Gummies FAQ

Are CBD gummies legal?

Hemp is now a legal regulated crop here in the United States under the U.S. Farm Bill. All of our products here at Premium Jane are sourced from hemp that contains a THC content below 0.3% (our CBD gummies are THC-free). Premium Jane products are made using hemp extract, which includes CBD (among other phytocannabinoids), as well as terpenes and other phytochemicals. While our oils and capsules are made using full-spectrum hemp extract, our CBD gummies for sale contain zero THC.

Can CBD gummies be used to help support daily management of stress?

None of our products here at Premium Jane are designed or intended to cure, treat, or help diagnose any medical condition, ailment, or disease. Our customers use CBD gummies for a variety of reasons, including to help support a sense of calm and relaxation. Not only that, but their similarity to traditional gummy candies make them a great and hassle-free way to consume CBD when you’re out and about.

Is Premium Jane committed to using organic ingredients?

At Premium Jane, we believe in producing only top-quality CBD gummies. That’s why the hemp used to create our products is grown on organic USA farms. This means customers don’t have to worry about consuming any dangerous chemicals (such as pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers) when using our CBD gummy bears or other CBD products.

I’ve never tried CBD gummies. What can I expect?

CBD gummies are a great way to enjoy your daily CBD. Gummies are of course different than other methods of CBD consumption, but many people prefer them due to their ease-of-use and of course, their great taste. As far as CBD gummies effects, it’s important to remind customers that different people will have different experiences with hemp-based CBD products. Some users prefer CBD gummy bears to help achieve a sense of calm and relaxation, while others prefer them for increased day-to-day wellness support.

How do I know CBD gummies will help?

Premium Jane CBD gummies are not designed or intended to cure, treat, or help diagnose any medical condition, ailment, or disease. Also, we reiterate that different people will have different experiences when consuming CBD gummy bears – not everyone is the same. What your friend or colleague experiences in terms of CBD gummies effects will not necessarily be what you experience personally. Our gummies are made with taste and top quality in mind, and may help to support a sense of calm and relaxation.

Will these CBD Gummy Bears help me sleep?

Again, we remind customers that none of our products are designed or intended to cure, treat, or help diagnose any medical condition, ailment, or disease. Premium Jane does NOT condone the use of CBD gummies for sleep conditions. Our gummy bears are made with quality ingredients for a great taste, and may help to support a sense of calm due to the presence of beneficial hemp extract. Feelings of calm and relaxation can of course be components that help lead you to a great night’s sleep.

Can I use CBD Gummy Bears for kids?

Premium Jane does NOT in any way recommend using CBD gummies for kids. All of our products – including our CBD gummies for sale – are made for adults over the age of 18. Even though all of our products are made using hemp extract with minimal (less than 0.3%) THC content, we recommend keeping your Premium Jane products out of the reach of children.

What about CBD Gummies for seniors?

Growing older shouldn’t stop you from using CBD. In fact, the use of CBD gummies for seniors is likely on the rise given the increasing popularity of CBD products all over the country. Premium Jane CBD gummies can be a great option for helping to feel calm and relaxed, and for this reason, they can be a wonderful option for seniors.

How are these CBD gummies better than other CBD gummies?

We create our CBD gummies using some of the finest quality organic hemp extract from plants that are grown right here in the USA. We also want to make sure our products are as accessible as possible, which is why we developed the gummies to be 100% vegan. Buy CBD gummies with the utmost confidence with Premium Jane, and of course, be sure to check out our CBD gummies product page for more information on our industry-leading product.

How do I use CBD gummies?

It’s pretty easy – just eat it! If you’re wondering how to use CBD gummies, there’s not a whole lot to it. Put one in your mouth, chew it, and swallow. That’s about it. Of course, you don’t have to eat a whole gummy. You can break it in half (or even smaller pieces) based on your own personal preference. Our CBD gummies contain a 25 mg CBD content, so half of a gummy would be roughly 12.5 mg.

If I buy CBD gummies will they arrive quickly?

It’s important to us that all customers receive their products as quickly as possible, and in most instances, we are able to process orders on the same day. When you buy CBD gummies online from Premium Jane, you can expect your delivery to arrive between 2 and 5 business days (this is not a guaranteed shipping time, however). If you experience any delays, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.