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5000 mg CBD Oil Broad Spectrum lemon-lime
5000 mg CBD Oil Broad Spectrum peach-nectar
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5000 mg CBD Oil Broad Spectrum lemon-lime - preview
5000 mg CBD Oil Broad Spectrum peach-nectar - preview
Worth every single penny

Honestly don’t know where I’d be without this. I was suffering from daily stress that was crippling my livelihood, I couldn’t sleep, and I wasn’t enjoying life. I started using this about 5 months ago and I’m back in the gym every day, I’m motivated, I’m happy, and I’m almost entirely pain-free. This has been truly life-changing.

Paul Wenheim

5000 mg CBD Oil Broad Spectrum

16 reviews


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  • Available in Peach Nectar and Lemon Lime flavors
  • Made from limited, USA-grown organic hemp
  • Precision crafted in our powerful 5,000mg formula
  • Supports sleep and helps manage daily stress
  • Free USA shipping
30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed
Product Code: Oil-5000
Size / Volume
2 oz (60ml)
Total CBD
5000 mg
½ dropper (0.75mL) 80 servings
Product Facts
The Basics
Customer Reviews

16 reviews for 5000 mg CBD Oil Broad Spectrum

I finally tried CBD oil and fell in love with it. The peach flavor was fantastic, and the benefits were noticed nearly immediately. I would suggest it to anybody searching for a way to unwind.
February 19, 2023
Jane H. Wood
Lemon lime has a great flavor and is very effective at reducing my stress levels.
January 21, 2023
It`s so refreshing and the flavor of peach is incredible.
December 20, 2022
Nicholas Mitchell
I couldn`t decide which one to try as the price is quite high. So I decided to wait for Black Friday and take both - lemon and peach.
November 20, 2022
Lucas R.
I’ve been searching for a high dosage of CBD. And this works !!! I took it before I went to sleep each night for over 2 weeks and the results are real. Better rested night's sleep after a long stressful day
October 21, 2022
Love that this is made in the US, and doesn’t hurt that the oil is 5000mg. This is a great strength for me.
September 21, 2022
Francisco Cerdans
I love this product. The taste and texture is awesome as well. I use it to calm down sometimes during the day and everyday to help me fall asleep. It works like a charm. I am out fast and stay for a hours too. I would recommend this product to anyone interested of achieving calmness and relaxation. An A-Plus CBD for sure.
August 13, 2022
Nell McChesney
Like the mild flavor
August 12, 2022
If you want to treat yourself, this is the way to go! It's the only CBD oil that doesn't make me tired. It really is great. I had an issue with the dropper and the customer service helped me right away! Overall, a great product.
August 10, 2022
Tastes great, great value.
August 05, 2022
Monica S.
Finally found a high-strength oil that doesn’t taste like crap. Would recommend to anyone looking for a real, LEGIT cbd oil
July 05, 2022
Doris Wickersham
I have been enjoying the summer fruity profile that this oil has its really helping me this winter while I'm at home missing the warm weather.
June 07, 2022
S. Rowe
This is exactly the CBD oil I've spent months trying to find. I'm more relaxed at work, I'm sleeping better, and in turn I'm getting more exercise each day now that I actually have the energy to be up and on my feet. I use the 1,000mg twice a day and it's been amazing
May 09, 2022
G. Miller
I was unsure which strength to order and wish I had gone with the weaker one. The taste is nice but it is far too strong for me.
May 02, 2022
Amelia P.
WOWZERS. This CBD oil really hits the spot! Can’t wait to try your other products.
March 27, 2022
Abbie Mcdonald
I think I personally prefer oils that I can use while dieting without worrying about being unhealthy and going above my calorie limit. At the same time it's like a treat in a way because it's delicious but not sweet. I have little to no self control when it comes to gummies though. I can eat the whole bottle in 5 minutes.
January 11, 2022
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All About Our 5000mg CBD Tincture

Premium Jane’s 5000mg CBD oil marries a high-strength hemp formulation with a uniquely refreshing, delicious flavor profile (from natural terpenes).

As our most potent oil on the Premium Jane site, this 5000mg oil  contains 2oz (60ml) of liquid and is designed for customers that are more experienced with CBD use or those who wish to get the most value for their money. In fact, there’s a huge 62.5% of CBD in every serving. But that’s not the only compound our customers will find in this oil.

At Premium Jane, we believe that using a broad-spectrum of phytochemicals can be beneficial to many of our customers. Expect to consume a variety of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids in every drop of oil. To find more information about what compounds our oil contains, take a look at the certificate of analysis, which can be found on each product page.

CBD 5000 mg Tincture for Sale

You might be asking why buy 5000mg cbd tincture? Our 60ml bottle offers a potent quantity of CBD and transparency is always at the forefront of what we do at Premium Jane. So, when it comes to our 5000mg CBD oil, we want our customers to know exactly how we make it.

We partner with U.S. hemp farms that share our ethos for farming methods. Instead of unnecessary chemical sprays, these farms use eco-friendly methods to protect our hemp plants from pests. After quality control inspection of each crop, we then focus on manufacturing.

At Premium Jane, we use CO2 extraction to pull natural hemp compounds from cultivated plant material. By using this solventless method of phytochemical extraction, we can be sure that essential cannabinoids are removed safely and effectively. Our farming and manufacturing methods may be high-cost, but it’s the only way to ensure that our CBD oil is market-leading.

Also, it’s important to note that safety is always a top priority. That’s why we use third-party testing to check for unwanted substances, such as solvents and heavy metals.

The Benefits of CBD Tincture (5000mg) from Premium Jane

The benefits of our peach tincture oil and lemon lime tincture oil greatly depends upon the person. Every individual is going to respond differently to CBD, that’s what makes the body so unique. But 5000mg being such a sizeable potency, offers the most versatility in a single bottle of tincture.

Why Choose the 5000mg CBD Tincture?

While we are proud of this 5000mg CBD 60ml tincture’s level of cannabidiol, we are even more thrilled with its quality. Each bottle contains 2 oz (60ml) of liquid and it comes from high-quality hemp grown in the United States. At Premium Jane, we believe in keeping things uncomplicated, and our products follow suit. For that reason we formulate all of our products with straightforward, understandable ingredients.

We want our customers to feel confident about what they put into their bodies. This is why we also ensure that every single product has third-party lab reports outlining precisely what is inside.

Shipping & Returns
Shipping & Returns

The Premium Jane 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

At Premium Jane, we stand behind everything we make and everything we say. As such, if you are not completely satisfied with one of our products, feel free to contact us to request a refund or to make an exchange for a different product.

*Please note that ALL return requests must be made within 30 days of purchase – after 30 days, all sales are considered final. Also note that the customer is responsible for return shipping costs, and products MUST be returned prior to receiving a refund.

Can I return a Premium Jane product?

Yes. As we’ve said, we stand by the quality and effectiveness of each and every one of our products. If you are not fully satisfied, you may request a refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase.

What if it’s already been opened?

You may request to refund or exchange an opened product, as long as the package and/or labeling has not been destroyed, damaged, or otherwise tampered with.

Do I have to pay for return shipping?

Yes. All return shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. (You will receive e-mail instructions with how to package, address, and ship items for return).

Peach Nectar: Hemp Derived CBD Extract, MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides Derived from Coconuts), Hempseed Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Natural Flavors

Lemon Lime: Hemp Derived CBD Extract, MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides Derived from CCoconuts), Hempseed Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Natural Flavors
Recommended Use
Place ½ of dropper of oil in your mouth, wait 60-90 seconds, and swallow

5000 mg CBD Oil Broad Spectrum FAQ

Why buy CBD tincture 5000 mg from Premium Jane?

Premium Jane has been a trusted source for top-quality CBD products for years. Our manufacturing methods have been developed by CBD experts and inspired by CBD-lovers. And when it comes to our 5000 mg oil, we retain the same passion for excellence.

How should I use a 5000mg CBD oil?

Each bottle of Premium Jane 5000mg CBD oil is fitted with an integrated dropper cap to make measuring an easy job. Typically one serving of oil translates to ½ a dropper; however, you may find varying the serving size suits your needs better. To use the oil, simply fill the dropper to your desired amount and release the liquid under your tongue. Hold the oil for 30-90 seconds, and then swallow.

What do you use 5000mg CBD tincture for?

CBD tinctures are a great way to maintain a daily regime for overall well being. They are also a good option if you like to blend your CBD into food and drink recipes.

What's the best way to consume CBD oil?

The integrated dropper allows you to easily administer CBD oil daily. Simply fill the dopper with your desired serving (1 serving = ½ a dropper), and apply orally under the tongue. Wait about 60-90 seconds, and swallow.

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