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What is CBD Oil
(Cannabidiol Oil)?

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Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is one of the natural compounds found in the cannabis plant. It has been shown through many research and scientific studies to possess a variety of properties, but unlike the compound THC, it does not produce any high. Also, it does not create any mind-altering effects whatsoever.

fter extraction from the raw plant material, CBD actually exists in its isolated form as a crystalline solid – not dissimilar from what natural sea salt looks like in terms of appearance. However, due to its biochemical nature, studies have shown that the body absorbs CBD more efficiently when it’s ingested along with a carrier oil. This is the reason why we infuse all of our tinctures in pure, high-quality MCT oil.

So, what is MCT oil?

MCT stands for ‘medium-chain triglycerides.’ These are readily-absorbed, quickly metabolized lipids that are naturally found in coconut oil and other palm oils. Since CBD is oil-soluble and not water-soluble, a good, premium MCT oil will allow the active CBD compound to dissolve entirely. This means that it can be absorbed with near 100% efficiency in the human body.

If you’ve been scouring the net for reliable and effective CBD products for sale (or have even searched “CBD products near me” to try and find a local retailer), be advised that every Premium Jane oil is organic, GMO-free, and made with just two main ingredients:

  • Hemp extract (including the activated CBD)
  • MCT oil (which is fractionated from 100% raw coconut oil).

This means that you are getting a pure, healthy, natural, whole-body product with absolutely zero artificial ingredients.

Before you buy CBD oil, make sure to check out our CBD oil for sale section on the site. We offer a wide range of cannabidiol oil products and CBD derivatives. It will definitely answer any questions you have, such as “where can I get CBD oil.” Also, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions before you order CBD online.

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Premium Jane Offers
More Than Just
CBD Oil Online

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In addition to our CBD oil online products (which are available in three strengths and three different flavors), we also offer potent CBD capsules, a CBD topical cream, and flavored CBD gummies.

While the CBD oil tinctures are our most popular seller and will often answer the question of “where to buy cbd oil”, capsules are a great alternative for those who dislike the mildly bitter taste of natural hemp oil, which most people describe as “earthy” or “grassy.” (Capsules are also good for those who have a hard time holding the oil for 60-90 seconds under their tongue before swallowing).

Not to be confused with CBD beauty products, our CBD-infused topical creams (which contain a potent 600mg of CBD extract) are becoming a favorite among those who wish to use CBD on specific areas of the body. The advantage of topical creams is that you can apply them directly to the site, where the CBD quickly diffuses across semipermeable membranes of the dermal layer and into the cells, where it begins to administer its natural properties.

And lastly, our 100% vegan CBD gummies are a delicious and totally discreet way to get your daily CBD dose — and a potent dose at that, as each gummy contains roughly 25mg of CBD. A lot of customers have messaged us that they like to bring the gummies to work with them, and have one or two throughout the day as a means to maintain focus and relieve overwhelmingness. Also, our gummies are our only products that use a CBD isolate rather than a full-spectrum hemp extract as a natural dietary supplement (feel free to message us for the potential benefits of adding CBD isolate to your diet).

Just remember, no matter where you live in the U.S., you’ve likely seen signs all over the place that say something like “Cheap CBD Oil For Sale!”, or “CBD Oil for Pain for Sale!”

While there are certainly some decent, well-made products out there, some of these oils are “gimmicks” that are simply trying to turn a quick buck on the CBD oil craze.

For example, many “roadside products” (as we like to call them) will have been made from cheap Indian hempseed, which contains virtually no active CBD compound. Proper CBD must be extracted from genetically-selected hemp strains, which is very hard to find among the products that you see available in run-of-the-mill vape shops, head shops, health food stores, etc.

As a Premium Jane customer, you can rest assured that all of our plants were grown right here in the U.S., and contain rich amounts of active CBD compound. And of course, we supply all of the requisite laboratory reports to prove it. Feel free to view our online shop, but even if you decide not to shop with Premium Jane, remember to always go for a quality brand.

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People Who Choose Premium Jane






6 Reasons to Choose Premium Jane CBD
Quality USA
Every Premium Jane product is extracted from pure, organic, CBD-rich industrial hemp grown right here in Oregon, USA.
Pure Phytochemical-based
In addition to lab-verified CBD content, the Premium Jane full-spectrum formula includes natural terpenes, flavonoids, and other phytocannabinoids.
When consumed orally, sublingual tinctures are known to offer enhanced bioavailability rates compared to other types of CBD products.
Have a look at our customer feedback and reviews. We're happy to let our customers do the talking for us :)
Ultra-Clean Extraction
Premium Jane CBD is solvent-free and extracted using clean, atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in a supercritical closed-loop system.
Verified CBD
Have a look at our independent laboratory reports for accurate, verified CBD and phytochemical content

Premium Jane
“What to Know About CBD”

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CBD Oil for Sale;
Where to Get
the Best Prices

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If you’ve been looking for quality cannabidiol oil for sale and have found your way here to the Premium Jane website, then you’re already well on your way to choosing one of the best CBD oil extracts on the market — period.

At Premium Jane, our singular goal is to provide our customers with affordable access to the highest grade CBD tinctures, capsules, edibles, and therapeutic creams that the industry has to offer. This allows you to buy CBD oil online hassle free. We have no interest in developing or marketing over-the-top, “oddball” products in a million different flavors like some of our competitors do. We understand that as a suffering individual, you’re goal is to find a product that is: A) safe and effective for a variety of different uses; and B) cost-effective enough that you can actually afford to use it on a routine basis.

That being said, thousands of potential customers out there will unfortunately never be able to navigate their way through the disorganized mess of the current CBD industry to find a quality, safe, reliable product.

Given the lack of current regulations on CBD oil for sale in the U.S., manufacturers are employing any number of techniques in order to drive online traffic to their website and promote their products – the majority of which are made with under-quality, subpar extracts.

At Premium Jane, however, we have access to both the highest quality organic hemp plants in the USA, as well as the most technologically advanced, state-of-the-art low-temperature CO2 extraction equipment.

All of our raw cannabidiol extract is sourced from organic hemp grown under controlled conditions on regulated, government-approved Pilot Research farms in Oregon. The genetically-selected plants have been bred across dozens of generations to produce only the most CBD-rich varieties of industrial hemp, thus guaranteeing that our end products – whether they be full-spectrum oils, CBD capsules, topical lotions, or edible CBD gummies – are of the purest, utmost quality.

Where can you order your CBD Oil?

As a Premium Jane customer, you can rest assured that all of our plants were grown right here in the U.S., and contain rich amounts of active CBD compound. And of course, we supply all of the requisite laboratory reports to prove it. Before you buy CBD oil online, be sure to check out our online shop.
Also, if you are looking for cheap CBD oil, but don’t want to compromise on quality, then you’ve arrived at the right place. Simply join the Premium Jane family and get ongoing promotions sent directly to your mail.

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How to Buy CBD Oil
with Confidence?

Knowing how to buy CBD oil that will work for you isn’t always an easy task. There are many factors that come into play, including your general health, genetics and most important, the reason why you are seeking to go down the CBD route.

Cannabidiol CBD oil works by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system, and it can be ingested/consumed in a number of different ways.

There are many different type of CBD product, yet the most popular way, however, is to administer orally as a sublingual tincture. When taken orally, you simply place drops of oil under the tongue, then hold for approximately 60-90 seconds before swallowing. Because the area under the tongue is a ‘hotbed’ of blood vessels and glands, the activated CBD is directly absorbed into the bloodstream without being broken down or metabolized by the digestive system. This allows for a quick, long-lasting, and extremely potent delivery.

CBD can also be taken as capsules for those that have trouble with sublingual delivery. While CBD capsules are quick, easy, and super convenient, their major disadvantage is that they have to pass through the liver and digestive system, which causes a certain percentage of the compound to be lost due to metabolic breakdown. Also, the benefits of CBD capsules are generally not as long-lasting as those of sublingual CBD oil, so you have to take more of the product to obtain the same level of effectiveness.

And of course, CBD can also be consumed as edibles via CBD gummies, cookies, brownies, candies, or any other form of infused food or beverage. This is a great option for those with taste sensitivities, and/or for those who simply enjoy consuming their CBD in a tasty, delicious treat.

CBD can also be inhaled via traditional smoking methods, or by vaporizing with a vape pen, e-cigarette, or desktop vape device. Premium Jane does not currently offer any CBD vaping products, however, as many of the “e-juices” are treated with harsh thinning agents (such as propylene glycol) that have been scientifically proven to break down into carcinogenic formaldehydes upon exposure to high heat. And last but not least there are CBD Topicals for those that want to apply CBD to a specific area of the body.

You may be happy to know that when you order CBD online with Premium Jane, we ship each and every one of our products to all 50 U.S. states. We strive to provide the best customer service, allowing you to order CBD oil online or other CBD product, from us with confidence. Also, don’t forget to check our online shop as we are constantly updating it with new products. Who knows, you might even find a premium CBD oil for sale.

Feel free to view our best selling oil and take advantage of our 10% coupon code: 10OFFCBD1

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Premium Jane Your Place
Where to Buy CBD Oil

Here at Premium Jane, we don’t just invest in our oils; we invest in our overall customer satisfaction. Here are just a few reasons why Premium Jane has become the number one go-to place in regards to where to buy CBD Oil.

1) Broad Spectrum – CBD Oil extract quality is more than just fancy branding and a nice looking bottle. It’s what’s in the formula that makes it unique and effective. Our proprietary formula is added to each product, giving you a product that contains essential cannabinoids and terpenes – a combination that creates the well-known ‘entourage effect.’

2) Transparency and Consistency – The Premium Jane CBD Oil online store sells some of the best CBD products on the market. And you don’t have to take our word for it. Each of our products is created using a unique extraction process, and they are all third-party tested to ensure that you are getting the best of the best.

3) Premium Quality – Premium Jane is known for its premium-grade CBD, hence the name of the brand. We offer a product that offers not only a sufficient therapeutic CBD content but also a complete hemp extract including, flavonoids, terpenes, and other phytocannabinoids. With Premium Jane, you can purchase your CBD Oil Online with confidence.

Still, if that hasn’t convinced you and you are still wondering…

Where can you buy CBD Oil?

So here are a few other reasons to choose Premium Jane:

1) All our CBD Store is Tested – We live up to some of the highest standards in the industry. Every batch of CBD Oil for sale on the site is tested through a third-party lab to ensure that the product that you are receiving is the highest quality available on the market.

2) Customer Support – With so many CBD brands on the market, the customer support experience sometimes suffers. That’s definitely not the case with the PremiumJane CBD Online shop. So much so, we’ve been rated as one of the top sites for customer support for the past 2 years running.

3) Free shipping to all 50 states – We hate paying for shipping, and that’s why we believe that you shouldn’t have to pay for it when you order CBD online with us. And that’s why we offer free shipping on every order to anywhere in the USA.

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Versatile, Safe, Potent CBD Therapy -
One of the Industry's Finest Products

About Us

Premium Jane is the Leading CBD Company

Premium Jane is a leading CBD company dedicated to helping those who wish to improve their quality of life through natural products. What started as a goal to create a top-quality formula for friends and family quickly turned into an empire, as the demand for Premium Jane CBD oils spread like wildfire.

Today, thanks to our team of CBD specialists and qualified professionals, Premium Jane offers a wide range of products from top-shelf CBD oils and delicious edibles, to premium topicals that are the perfect application for targeted areas of the body.

Apart from being known as one of the top quality brands on the market, we pride in holding ourselves to some of the industry’s highest standards. From maintaining a superior level of customer support, to even quality checking each and every product, the team at Premium Jane is committed to providing you with the best nature has to offer.

Our mission, which puts you in the front, gives us the drive and ambition to continue to improve our products, providing you with a high-quality, effective, and reliable line of CBD products. Ones that not only we are proud of, but we know you will be too!

Feel free to shop around and explore what our online store has to offer.

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