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How to Mask the Taste of CBD Oil

October 2, 2018 0 Comments

How to Mask the Taste of CBD Oil

If you have ever tried to reap the healing benefits of CBD oil, you will certainly have noticed the unpleasant taste. CBD oil is made by suspending cannabidiol extracted from the cannabis plant in an inert oil.

The range of cannabinoids and terpenes drawn out of the plant generally don’t have a pleasant taste. Terpenes make plants smell great, but their taste isn’t always as wonderful – you wouldn’t eat a stalk of lavender! Plus, the oil in which the cannabinoids are contained – usually coconut oil or hempseed oil – is not a nice texture to have to swallow.

Many consumers of CBD oil find themselves gagging every time they try to swallow, which is not ideal when they’re supposed to take multiple doses every day! Usually, CBD oil is taken sublingually by holding a few drops of it beneath your tongue for 60-90 seconds, giving chance for the CBD to be absorbed into your bloodstream through the capillaries there before swallowing. As easy as this is to slot into a routine, you don’t want to be dreading having to take it.

CBD has some great medicinal benefits, and in an ideal world it would be delicious as well as healthy. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to mask the taste of CBD oil. Check out our 6 tips below…

1. Have a drink of water to hand

Most CBD sellers will tell you to wash your CBD oil down with some water. Some medications have to be taken with food or water because they’re harsh on the stomach, but this is not the case with CBD oil. Containing no chemicals and usually made organically, the suspension of cannabinoids in inert oil means it’s easily digestible – oil is consumed regularly in ordinary cooking.

The reason they recommend this is actually just because they know their products taste bad. Some companies do sell flavored CBD oils, but these often contain additives that many health-conscious consumers want to avoid.

As a result, the only choice is to wash the oil down with water. After holding the oil in your mouth for a minute and a half, take a large drink of water as you swallow. This will wash a lot of the tastes off your taste buds.

That being said, you don’t have to use water! You can use whatever drink you so prefer. Just have your preferred drink to hand before you take the CBD oil; remember, though, if you have a hot drink like coffee, wait for it to cool before you take a huge drink!

2. Breathe through your nose

You might have heard this trick before in reference to other things. When you have a cold and your nose is blocked, you might find that either you can’t taste things at all, or that you experience nasty tastes at the back of your mouth. This is because drawing air over your tongue distributes flavors across your taste buds.

By breathing through your nose – and not your mouth – you can avoid drawing air over your tongue and thus experience less taste. Admittedly, this is not the best technique for masking the strong, earthy flavor of CBD, so you can also try holding your nose to block out the taste completely. Sure, you still have to cope with the slimy texture of oil, but at least the taste is gone!

3. Use mints

This one is probably a little obvious, but you can get rid of the taste of CBD oil by popping a strong mint into your mouth right after taking the oil. The powerful taste of the mint will overwhelm your senses and ensure that you’re tasting something a lot more pleasant than CBD oil.

Most mints are simply mint-flavored sugar, which means you’re really tasting something quite sweet. Since our taste buds pick up sweet flavors before anything else, you’ll be guaranteed to get a better sensation in your mouth. This is why we add sugar to bitter tasting things like coffee.

Alternatively, you could tuck the mint under your tongue while you take the CBD oil. Not only does this mask the taste, but it leaves your breath minty fresh.

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4. Brush your teeth before use

Although you could well brush your teeth after using the oil, it actually makes a lot of sense to brush them before. Have you ever drank a glass of orange juice after brushing your teeth? It tastes awful! The reason for this is that toothpaste contains things called surfactants, which are designed to decrease surface tension between the toothpaste and your teeth. As a result, your teeth are cleaned more thoroughly and are not damaged.

However, surfactants also mess with your taste buds, preventing them from tasting sweetness as well as a few other flavors. This means that, when you drink orange juice, you can only taste the bitter citrus and not the sugar.

This means that, after brushing your teeth, the unpleasant tastes from CBD oil will be virtually undetectable.

There’s another benefit to this, too. By taking your CBD oil right after you brush your teeth, you have found the perfect way to fit it into your daily routine. After all, you should be brushing twice a day!

5. Eat something sweet

One of the great things about CBD oil is that it doesn’t just have to be taken sublingually. You can actually drop the oil into your food. It does absorb more slowly this way as it is broken down differently and does not enter directly into the bloodstream, but it’s still a pretty effective method.

Another issue with putting CBD into edibles is that you have to make sure you eat the whole thing, as there’s no real way of guaranteeing that you distributed the oil evenly throughout the food. Also, CBD oil is hydrophobic and will not mix into water – you have to eat something containing a fat. If you add CBD oil to tea, for example, you must use milk so that the CBD oil can mix in properly.

You don’t just have to mix it into your food, though – you could eat a snack after taking the oil to quickly cover the taste. Sweet foods like chocolate are great for enveloping your taste buds in delicious flavors, so try chocolate or candies. You can even pop a square of chocolate beneath your tongue while you take the oil. Or, you could try swallowing the oil in conjunction with yoghurt. A sweet flavor like vanilla is a good choice.

Finally, another tip is to drop some honey under your tongue along with the oil. Simply drip the honey there at the same time as the CBD oil, and allow your tongue to pick up the sweet notes of honey instead of the unpleasantness of the CBD oil.

6. Try other CBD products

Although this isn’t technically a way to mask the taste of CBD oil, it’s worth remembering that there are other options. With the CBD market constantly expanding, there is now a vast variety of products for you to try, many of which don’t feature the raw taste of CBD oil.

CBD capsules are a fantastic, easy way to get the same benefits of CBD oil without the taste. They include CBD oil held within a gel capsule. Often, these products are still completely organic, which is ideal for the health conscious.

You can also buy CBD edibles. Gummy bears are a hugely popular option, and you can also buy CBD chocolates and other sweet treats. These, of course, taste way better than CBD.

If you’re a vaper, you can also vape your CBD. CBD vape cartridges are available on the market, showing that there really is something for everyone out there.

Final thoughts on Masking the Taste

CBD is a great way to improve your quality of life if you’re suffering from one of the conditions that CBD has been suggested to help. Unfortunately, raw CBD oil has a pretty nasty taste, which puts many people off.

Thankfully, there are many options to cover up the taste of CBD oil. In fact, if you really find that you can’t stand it, then there are plenty of other CBD options to try. First though, why not try some of our handy tips? Let us know any more tips that you have in the comments below!

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