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Is CBD Oil Legal in the State of Colorado? [Exploring the Question]

Jeff Yauck | May 14, 2020
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It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. When President Trump signed the Farm Bill way back in December 2018, the misconceptions over CBD should have come to an end. Instead, the divergence between state and federal status continues to cause confusion. While the Farm Bill allows for the growth of industrial hemp, it actually says nothing about CBD specifically.

As a result, it is up to individual states to determine whether they want to allow for hemp cultivation as per the language set forth in the Farm Bill. In many cases, this “language” is an utter minefield of complexity and bewilderment.

Still, there are plenty of locations – like Colorado – where purchasing CBD oil and other hemp products is not a problem. Then there are places where the goal is seemingly to irritate the populous.

That said, even in Colorado the situation surrounding CBD and hemp is not exactly straightforward. In this quick and informative guide, we discuss everything you could ever want to know about the state (no pun intended) of CBD oil in Colorado.

The BIG Question Folks are Asking: ‘Is CBD Oil Legal in Colorado?’

You’re probably aware that in most Colorado towns and cities, hemp and CBD are very prevalent and widely available. However, it is still a relatively recent market.

One of the catalysts for the Colorado CBD revolution was the allowance of hemp cultivation in the state. Most CBD products on the market today come from hemp, and indeed, across the U.S. you’ll see that many products are sourced from high-quality hemp that’s grown on Colorado soil.

Still, just because CBD oil in Colorado is so widely available, that doesn’t mean every single gas station and CO CBD store is selling good, high-quality products. A well-made CBD oil is still a rarity in the industry, and customers would be wise to do plenty of research in order to find the market’s best CBD options.

They’re Also Asking: ‘Are There CBD Laws in Colorado?’

Without beating around the bush, it’s easy to buy CBD products in Colorado. Pretty much anywhere you go in the state, you’ll see a sign outside a retail store: ‘CBD Oil Sold Here!’

Remember, however, that the products you find for sale in many of these retail locations are questionable at best in terms of quality. For example, rarely can you find a good option that comes with a verified lab report. And for that matter, the people working behind the counter are usually clueless regarding questions about cannabinoid profiles, presence of terpenes, and so on.

For this reason, we urge those who are interested in CBD oil in Colorado to do plenty of research in order to find a reputable, trusted brand. Lab reports are a crucial element when it comes to knowing what’s in your product. At Premium Jane, we source our CBD products from only the finest USA-grown hemp. You can also view the entire phytochemical contents of each product with an updated lab analysis.

Different Kinds of CBD Products For Sale in Colorado

For the most part, you’ll find things like CBD cream, CBD vapes, CBD oil drops, and virtually every other hemp-based product for sale in Colorado. You’ll also find these same products for sale right here in the Premium Jane online store.

The difference between us and them? Quality. All of our products are made right here in the USA, and are extracted from American-grown hemp. We have never compromised in phytochemical ingredients, and we don’t plan on doing so anytime soon.

This is the main reason why Premium Jane products continue to rank so well on annual reports of the market’s best USA-made CBD oils. We offer full-spectrum options, meaning you’re getting a host of natural hemp compounds in addition to the lab-verified CBD content.

And this goes for all of our products – not just our CBD oils. We specialize in CBD capsules, gummies, CBD for pets, and most recently, an extensive line of premium CBD topicals and hygiene products – all of which are made from the finest-quality US-grown industrial hemp.

Industrial Hemp in Colorado

There’s still a lot of confusion surrounding industrial hemp in Colorado — a lot. Really, it’s pretty simple. The U.S. Farm Bill (the one that we talked about earlier, signed by President Trump back in 2018), does indeed allow for the cultivation of hemp. However, states still have the option of whether they want to “adopt” the Farm Bill or not. In other words, you can’t grow hemp in all states – even though the Farm Bill (specifically the Hemp Farming Act) allows for it.

Fortunately, Colorado has always been a relatively “hemp-friendly” state. Farmers can grow hemp in Colorado, but it’s still a regulated crop. They have to apply for a license and get approved before they’re allowed to plant their first seeds for the season.

Growing Industrial Hemp in Colorado

Licensed hemp farmers in Colorado will tell you that the state’s natural climate and resources are tailor-made for growing hemp. The fertile soil and sunny, dry air has the potential to produce some of the finest – and most CBD-rich – plants not only in the USA, but the world.

This is why you see so many CBD products for sale in Colorado, and also why you see so many CBD items for sale in other parts of the USA, that are made in Colorado. And by most accounts, hemp cultivation and CBD in general are only expected to become more prevalent in the coming years. Hopefully one day soon, we can do away altogether with the cheap, imitation, low-quality “CBD” products that are being sold in some of these gas stations and convenience stores.

Purchase CBD Oil Online in Colorado

For the absolute best CBD oil in Colorado, some of your best options are still going to be online. As we talked about earlier, a lot of this comes down to the availability of detailed lab reports that highlight the phytochemical content of a specific batch of hemp extract. At Premium Jane, for example, transparency is a top priority – which is why we ensure all products come with a viewable lab analysis right there on the product description page.

In addition to highlighting the specific presence of phytocannabinoids, lab reports are also important for telling you what’s not in a CBD oil. For example, they verify whether or not the product contains traceable amounts of things like pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals.

Final Thoughts About CBD Oil in Colorado

CBD in Colorado is widely available – that much is certain. However, as diverse as the product selection is in the Centennial State, customers still have to pay close attention to where a product comes from, and how it’s made.

Try and buy an American-made CBD oil that’s been extracted from a US-grown hemp supply. The difference in quality between something like a Premium Jane CBD oil and a generic convenience store CBD oil is night and day.

And the same goes for all products. Whether you’re interested in oils, capsules, gummies, topicals, or some other form of CBD for sale in Colorado, quality should always be your top priority. And there’s no better quality than Premium Jane.



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