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Is CBD Legal in Alabama? CBD Laws in 2023

Jeff Yauck | November 1, 2021
cbd legal in alabama

In 2018, Congress passed and signed into law the Agriculture Improvement Act. More commonly known as the 2018 Farm Bill, this law legalized hemp production as an agricultural commodity and removed it from the Controlled Substances Act. Ultimately, the law legalizes hemp, but there are some restrictions.

Most importantly, hemp cannot contain more than 0.3% THC. Any cannabis plant with higher THC content is considered non-hemp cannabis – or marijuana – under federal law.

Due to its low THC levels, most states have legalized CBD if it comes from hemp – this aligns with federal law. This is the case in Alabama, where hemp-derived products are differentiated from marijuana. As long as it conforms with state and federal standards, CBD is legal in Alabama.

However, finding pure, safe, and effective CBD products can be challenging. This guide is put together to help Alabama residents find the best possible CBD supplements.

The Legal Scope of CBD in Alabama

Although the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp federally, each state has its own laws. Some have not removed the crop from their controlled substances act, meaning the legality of CBD differs across states.

In Alabama, the legal status of CBD depends on its source. CBD can be extracted from marijuana or hemp – both are varieties of the cannabis plant. The key differentiating factor is the THC content. While marijuana is rich in THC, hemp contains only tiny traces of the infamous cannabinoid.

As such, Alabama state law permits CBD on two grounds: it must be hemp-derived, and THC levels must not exceed 0.3%. These two factors are very important in the Yellowhammer State since it is known for its stringent laws surrounding marijuana. Marijuana remains illegal in Alabama for recreational purposes. Medical marijuana became legal in 2021 but is strictly governed by the state.

Nonetheless, hemp and hemp-derived products, like CBD oil, are legal and widely available across the state.

Where to Buy CBD in Alabama

CBD products are found all over the place in Alabama. Consumers can buy CBD oil and other CBD products from gas stations, kiosks, various retail storefronts, and dedicated CBD retailers within the state.

However, when it comes to finding pure and effective CBD products you can trust, you need to exercise caution. Depending on ingredients and how a CBD product is crafted, formulas can vary greatly in quality and effects.

For instance, some companies may use harmful solvents, like propane or hexane, to extract CBD from hemp. These toxins could end up in the final CBD product having a negative impact on your health.

At Premium Jane, we use CO2 extraction. Although it’s the most complex and expensive method, it doesn’t leave behind any solvent residues that may interfere with CBD quality. It’s widely regarded as the best CBD extraction method, producing the purest and safest CBD extract.

Researching a company and its CBD offerings before buying a product to gauge the quality is important. Buying poor-quality CBD products is a waste of money and could even harm your health.

Finding High-Quality CBD Products in Alabama

Alabama’s CBD market isn’t as developed as places like California and Colorado, but it’s impressive nonetheless. CBD is readily accessible both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. However, to ensure the best CBD experience possible, you must use well-crafted, high-quality products.

So how do you differentiate between great products and inferior ones? Fortunately, there are a few key factors that can help.

Extraction Method

As already discussed, CO2 extraction is widely regarded as the best extraction method. It’s a gentle and clean way of drawing CBD from the hemp plant and ensuring the end product isn’t contaminated with harmful toxins.

While there are a few other safe ways to extract CBD, none meet the same safety and purity standards as CO2 extraction.

Hemp Source

Check that the CBD originates from organic hemp. Hemp plants tend to absorb everything from the soil they’re grown in because they are natural bioaccumulators.

Therefore, if the soil in which the hemp grows is contaminated with pesticides or other harmful substances, these toxins could end up in the final product, resulting in low-quality and potentially unsafe CBD.

Premium Jane sources its hemp from Kentucky, where it’s grown organically in clean soil and without fertilizer or other harmful chemicals.

Check for Natural Ingredients

The ingredients of a CBD product can say a lot about its quality. Higher quality formulas tend to be made with natural, organic ingredients (rather than artificial ingredients) whenever possible. Specifically, check that flavoring and coloring are natural rather than artificial. Also, be wary of products with long ingredient lists. The best products keep additives to a minimum.

Check Lab Reports

Lab reports are perhaps the biggest tool for gauging CBD quality. Trustworthy brands send CBD formulas to an independent laboratory to test their quality, purity, potency, and safety. Specifically, these labs should verify cannabinoid content and check that a product doesn’t contain any harmful substances, such as heavy metals or pesticides.

The lab reports should be accessible to customers, preferably on the company website. Some companies require customers to request lab results, which is inconvenient.

Price: Cheap vs. Expensive Products

Although choosing the cheapest CBD product may be tempting, this strategy may be detrimental. Cheap products often signal inferior CBD formulas crafted using subpar ingredients and methods.

While expensive products don’t guarantee quality, price is an important factor. The equipment and processes needed to craft high-quality CBD are expensive, so if a product is “too cheap,” it’s likely been made using cheap practices. You need to consider price with the other factors discussed above.

Can You Buy CBD Oil Online in Alabama?

CBD is readily available in Alabama, but you can’t beat the convenience of shopping online. Fortunately, not only is it legal to buy CBD oil online in Alabama, but we also recommend it over visiting physical stores.

Here are a few benefits of choosing online shopping for CBD:

  • Access to a Wider Range of Products: Alabama’s CBD market is still growing, so the product range at in-store retailers tends to be limited. Typically, CBD is only found in one or two forms, like oils and capsules. Online retailers have a much wider selection of CBD products, including oils, edibles, topicals, and more. There’s also a large range of concentrations and flavors.
  • Time to Research and Compare: Researching and comparing CBD companies and products online is easier. You have more time and resources with access to websites, lab reports, and customer reviews.
  • Comfort and Convenience: You can research, browse, and order CBD at any time of the day without even leaving your home. Many companies have quick delivery times, so you won’t have to wait long for your CBD.

Premium Jane has a large selection of expertly-crafted CBD products and ships to Alabama. We’ve been in the CBD game for several years, and while our CBD formulas are top-notch, we always strive to improve them.

The Premium Jane team is passionate about CBD and its potential wellness benefits. We’re dedicated to making the best possible CBD formulas to ensure our customers get the most out of their CBD experience.

Summary: Buying CBD in Alabama

Although Alabama still has a strict stance on marijuana, the state has embraced the CBD boom. Provided CBD comes from hemp and contains no more than 0.3% THC, it’s legal and easy to access in the Yellowhammer state.

However, the quality of CBD formulas varies drastically, making it important to assess product quality before making a purchase. Top-quality CBD comes from organic hemp, is extracted using CO2 extraction, and contains natural ingredients. Lab reports should tell you much about what you need to know about overall quality.

Buying CBD online gives customers access to a lot of important information, making it easier to find high-quality products. Browse the Premium Jane range here for pure, safe, and effective CBD.


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