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5 Tips That Will Help You Immediately Start Prioritizing Your Health and Wellness

Jeff Yauck | September 2, 2022

Your health and wellness is a top priority. Bad health can impact your personal life, work-life, relationships, and general well-being. Yet, our health is something we tend to take for granted.

As Audre Lorde said, your self-care is not self-indulgence; it is self-preservation. When you prioritize taking care of yourself, you’re creating the space you need to live a joyful, happy life.

Unfortunately, many of us become stressed and overwhelmed with family, friends, work, or other commitments and feel we don’t have the time or energy to take care of ourselves. We fail to realize that life tends to be easier when we make self-care a priority.

Here are five tips to help you start prioritizing your health and wellness.

1. Prioritize Sleep

Sleep does more for health and wellness than many people realize. Surprisingly, only around 10% of American adults make sleep a priority. It’s recommended that adults get between 7 and 8 hours of sleep each night.

Besides leaving you rested, less stressed, and more energized, sleep can strengthen your immune system. You need good sleep for your immune system to function well. A strong immune system means your body is better equipped to fight off illnesses.

Also, a good night’s rest replenishes the mind, heals your body, and resets you for the day ahead.

For those who struggle to sleep, CBD supplements can be very helpful. CBD has a calming effect and may help ease the body and mind before bedtime. Check out our Premium Jane range of CBD oils, in varying strengths, to find a solution that works for you. If you’re not a fan of oils, perhaps you will prefer our capsules or gummies.

2. Dedicate Time to Yourself Every Day

With hectic work and family schedules, we tend to forget about ourselves. Sometimes we just need a bit of time out to catch our breath and refocus our energy. If we’re feeling burned out, we cannot perform at our best, whether in our personal or professional lives.

Set aside 15 to 30 minutes daily to sit back, relax, and breathe. Whether it’s reading a book, meditating, journaling, or having a cup of tea outside in the fresh air, schedule some “me time” into your day.

Not only is this important for mental wellbeing, but it also impacts physical health. Poor mental health leads to a heightened risk for chronic physical conditions – looking after the mind is much more important than many realize.

3. Get Moving

Beyond the physical benefits of exercise (“getting in shape”), it is crucial in supporting mental and physical health.

Set aside 30 minutes every day to get your body moving. This doesn’t have to be an intense gym session. It could be walking or jogging in your neighborhood, doing an at-home workout (YouTube has many free options), or attending a local yoga or pilates class.

If you’re lacking energy or motivation, CBD may help. Supporting physical and mental energy levels could give you the boost you need to get moving.

Moreover, if pain is preventing you from exercising, CBD’s potential pain-relieving properties mean it could help soothe muscle soreness and tension. Premium Jane’s CBD topicals may be especially effective in this instance. The salve can be applied directly to the area of discomfort to provide targeted relief.

4. Personalize Your Nutrition

What we eat impacts our immunity, digestion, and even mental health. But figuring out how to improve your daily diet can be difficult with all the conflicting information. From fad diets to fasting to elimination diets, not to mention the ever-changing details about what we should and shouldn’t eat.

However, we are all unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all diet or exercise plan that works for everyone. Instead, we need a personalized approach that suits our bodies and lifestyle.

This can be as simple as formulating a meal plan that meets our nutritional needs while being easy to follow indefinitely to reaching out to a nutritionist and undergoing tests to determine the best eating plan for our needs. If you suffer from health conditions like cardiovascular disease or diabetes, there may be a specific dietary program for you.

A healthy diet includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and fish and eliminates unnecessary carbohydrates, saturated fats, sugars, starches, and empty calories. But again, your diet should be personalized to your needs.

Also, consider any vitamins, minerals, or health supplements that could benefit your health and wellness. For instance, calcium is good for strengthening bones, while B vitamins have energy-boosting properties, and vitamin C supports immune health.

Many people use CBD supplements as a general-purpose supplement. You can use CBD every day as a potential way to support overall health and wellness. Moreover, our wide range of CBD products on offer at Premium Jane means there is something to suit all needs and lifestyles.

5. Prioritize Mental Health

Finally, understand that your mental health deserves the same love and care as your physical health. Take time to reflect on how you are feeling and what you can do to look after yourself now and in the future.

All of the points discussed above play a part in improving mental health. Here are a few other ways to support your mental well-being:

  • Learn to Manage Stress: Stress can affect your mental and physical health. Use practices like yoga, meditation, or aromatherapy to ease the mind. CBD products also have calming properties and may promote relaxation.
  • Learn to Say “No:” It is hard to say yes to everyone and everything and still find time for yourself. Setting boundaries is pivotal to mental health – say no if you don’t want to or don’t have the time for something.
  • Reach Out for Help When You Need It: It’s important to reach out to loved ones and/or mental health professionals when we feel like we’re not coping. We aren’t meant to go through hard times alone.
  • Take Time Out for Things You Enjoy: Balance in life is essential. Find time to do the things that make you happy, whether hiking, painting, or photography.

Your mental health plays a big role in your general well-being. Maintaining a good mental state can help keep you physically healthy and minimize the risk of developing serious health conditions.

Make Self-Care Your Number One Priority

The key to prioritizing health and wellness is taking care of your physical and mental health. It all comes down to self-care.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself first. Ensuring you’re in the best state of physical and emotional health better equips you to care for others and achieve your goals.

Simple practices like getting enough sleep, exercising and following a healthy diet greatly improve health and wellness.

Additionally, CBD supplements may be just what you need to support your wellness goals. Shop Premium Jane’s full collection here to find a CBD solution for your needs.


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