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Mental Health Is Crucial to a Happy, Healthy Life – Here’s How to Care for It

Jeff Yauck | September 12, 2022

Mental health is more important now than ever, affecting almost every aspect of daily life. It affects how we think, feel, and act, and determines how well we can handle stress, relate to others, and make healthy choices.

Just as physical fitness helps keep our bodies strong, mental fitness can help boost our well-being. Like the muscles in your body, you need to “flex” your mind to strengthen it.

Caring for our mental health takes time, practice, and consistency, but it’s integral to living a happy, healthy, balanced life.

Here are a few tips on caring for your mental health to ensure a happy, healthy life.

Take Care of your Body

There is a strong connection between body and mind. Taking care of your physical health helps improve your mental health and well-being. For instance, regular exercise can improve mood, help with sleep, and help you manage stress.

Whether it’s a regular walk, a yoga class, aerobics, or a trip to the gym, a small amount of exercise helps clear the mind and makes you feel better.

Here are a few other ways to take care of your body:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Get enough sleep
  • Eat a healthy and nutritious diet
  • Avoid smoking (and vaping)

Learn How to Deal with Stress

Stress is a normal part of life. At times, it serves a useful purpose, motivating us to achieve goals and perform tasks more efficiently. However, when we are stressed regularly and don’t know how to properly deal with it, it can seriously affect our mental health.

Learning to cope with stress can ease our bodies and minds. Exercise, meditation, breathing exercises, and other relaxation techniques are all helpful ways to reduce stress.

Using natural health supplements like CBD can also be very useful. CBD is known to be calming and is often touted as an excellent all-natural solution for relaxation.

Premium Jane’s CBD gummies and oils are a great choice for relaxing the mind. Our CBD oils are available in five strengths; 300mg, 600mg, 1,000mg, 3,000mg, and 5,000mg, so you can choose a potency based on your stress levels. Our gummies come in two potencies (750mg and 1,500mg) and are a tasty way to reap the benefits of CBD.

Prioritize Sleep

It’s no secret that sleep has a crucial role in good physical and mental health. Sleep is fuel for our brains; without proper sleep, our minds begin to slow, unable to function at their full capacity. Moreover, sleep deprivation’s psychological effects can greatly affect us and our daily mood.

Sleep is the mind’s time to rest and recharge. Establishing a regular sleep-wake cycle – going to sleep and waking up at regular times consistently – is an important part of building healthy sleep habits. Other tips include:

  • Limiting your use of stimulants before bedtime (coffee and alcohol)
  • Avoiding excessive drinking of liquids in the evening
  • Ensuring you have a comfortable bed and bedroom

You could also try CBD products. Although it’s unclear whether CBD directly affects sleep, it can certainly have an indirect effect. For instance, CBD’s calming properties may be useful if an overactive mind prevents you from getting a good night’s rest.

CBD may also have pain-relieving properties making it useful for pain-related sleep issues. Premium Jane’s CBD topicals are especially popular for joint or muscle pain. Topicals are applied to the affected area and deliver targeted relief.

Practice Gratitude

Remind yourself daily of the things you’re grateful for. When we appreciate the small things in life, we can rewire our brains to cope with the present with more awareness and greater perception.

Whether you write it down in a journal or replay it in your mind, take time out of your day to think about the good aspects of your life.

Practicing gratitude can help us to see our lives differently. For example, when stressed, we tend to ignore or forget about the positive emotions and happy times. Gratitude can help you to recognize them.

People who regularly show gratitude for the positive things in their life are often happier with a greater state of well-being.

Plan Things to Look Forward to

We often hear about the importance of living in the moment or practicing mindfulness. But what about when the present doesn’t feel good and we feel stressed or overwhelmed?

Life throws many curve balls at us, and during trying times we may feel hopeless and not want to live in the present moment. Shifting our perspective towards something positive in the future can increase happiness and help get us out of a negative rut.

Having something to look forward to can also give us a sense of hope and optimism about the future, which is important for our mental health. Our plans can be something as small as meeting a friend for lunch or a yoga class to vacation or a live performance of a favorite singer or band.

Final Thoughts on Caring for Our Mental Health

Mental health is a vital part of life, impacting our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. There are a number of small steps we can take to support a positive mental state, such as exercising, getting adequate sleep, and practicing gratitude.

CBD supplements can also be a great way to support your mental health journey. CBD has calming properties, may promote a good night’s rest, and can also help ease joint and muscle pain, all things that could impact mental health.

Shop Premium Jane’s full collection of CBD offerings here to find a solution that suits your needs and lifestyle.


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