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What Are CBD Products? What Are My Options?

cbd products understanding your options
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CBD oil has taken over the health industry. Short for cannabidiol, CBD is the famous non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis and hemp plants. It has become popular as a health product because it is reported to have potential health benefits when taken as a daily health product. Although research is ongoing, preliminary science suggests that it can support general health and wellbeing.

There are so many products saturating the CBD market. Consumers are no longer limited to CBD oil. The vast range of CBD products includes capsules, vapes, edibles, creams, and more.

It can be confusing to know what product to start with. In this article, we cover all the basics so that you can feel more confident about purchasing a CBD product of any kind.

Types of CBD Products

CBD Oils: The Gold Standard

CBD oil is the product most people think of when they consider cannabidiol. Sometimes called a CBD tincture or CBD drops, an oil consists of cannabinoid extracts suspended in a carrier oil. This carrier is often hemp seed oil, coconut oil, or any kind of medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil.

To take CBD hemp oil, you drop it under the tongue. You are supposed to hold it there for around a minute, giving the CBD time to sink into your blood vessels. This method is called sublingual administration, and it is one of the fastest and most effective methods for taking CBD. However, oils are versatile and can be employed in different ways. You can drizzle CBD oil on your food, take it in a drink, and some products can be used as a CBD vape oil (check with the manufacturer first).

CBD Oil Pros:

  • Effective method with a high rate of bioavailability.
  • CBD takes effect in around 15 minutes.
  • Available in a vast range of strengths. Plus, you can easily alter the dose by changing the number of drops.
  • Versatile. You can take oil sublingually, add it to food, and make your own CBD products.

CBD Oil Cons:

  • Natural-flavored CBD oil can be bitter in taste. Many consumers find it an acquired taste.
  • Not convenient to use on the go.

CBD Edibles: The Delicious Option

CBD edibles refer to any consumable product infused with CBD. You can make edibles at home by adding CBD oil to your food, cooking up any number of delicious recipes such as CBD guacamole, or a CBD soup!

However, it’s much more common to see a CBD edible in the form of CBD candy. Manufacturers make and sell these delicious sweet treats infused with a pre-measured dose of CBD. Most often, brands sell CBD gummies. They resemble a regular gummy bear; only they are infused with CBD.

Since the CBD market is oriented toward health, many brands produce healthy gummies made with natural flavorings and colorings. It’s common to see vegan-friendly CBD gummies, too.

CBD Edibles Pros:

  • A much more delicious way of taking CBD.
  • Pre-measured dose in CBD candies is convenient; it means you don’t have to fiddle around with oil.
  • Easy to carry on the go, and subtle to consume in public.
  • If you don’t like the selection of edibles sold online, you can make your own CBD edibles to suit your tastes.

CBD Edibles Cons:

  • Digesting CBD means it takes longer to reach the endocannabinoid system. This method is also less bioavailable.
  • More limited variety available online.

CBD Topical Creams: The Luxurious One

A topical is a product that is applied directly to the skin. The skin is full of cannabinoid receptors, making it an excellent target for CBD application. Plus, using CBD on a localized area means that you can easily target specific problems without the CBD influencing the entire body.

CBD is thought to be an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory. The US government holds a patent on the cannabinoid for these reasons. The patent implies that CBD could be a great ingredient in skincare.

There are many types of CBD topicals, including CBD cream, CBD lotion, and CBD pain creams. The difference lies in the consistency and ingredients. While a topical salve has been created to serve a purpose, lotions are great additions to any beauty supply cabinet. CBD creams often include luxurious, skin-loving ingredients with pleasant aromas, such as lavender essential oils. Shop around for a CBD topical that suits your specific needs.

CBD Topicals Pros:

  • Ideal for people who want to take care of their skin and who don’t want to take a something else every day.
  • Ideal for active people who often experience muscle pain – many balms feature warming ingredients like capsicum that can help with soreness.
  • Fast-acting.

CBD Topicals Cons:

  • If you’re looking for an effect on your overall wellbeing, topicals are not the product for you.
  • Topicals often offer much lower doses of CBD.

CBD Capsules: The Simple Solution

CBD pills are the simpler version of CBD oil. They consist of CBD oil or hemp extract infused into a capsule. It is common to see CBD capsules in the form of soft gels, which are easy to swallow.

CBD oil pills have the advantage of removing the bitter, earthy taste associated with unflavored CBD oil. They are also ideal for people who are unsure about CBD because they offer a familiar format that isn’t too intimidating. Plus, there is a pre-measured dose, which means no messing around with a pipette!

A lot of manufacturers produce vegan-friendly capsules, so nobody is excluded from taking these products. It’s best to look out for a soft gel, as these are considered better for delivering CBD.

CBD Capsules Pros:

  • Easy-to-use format. It’s precisely the same as taking any other pill.
  • They are tasteless.
  • Can be consumed on the go and easily carried in your bag without fear of anything leaking.
  • Pre-measured dose.

CBD Capsules Cons:

  • Your body has to digest the capsules, which means bioavailability is lower, and the CBD takes longer to take effect.
  • More limited strength options compared to CBD oil.

CBD Beverages: The Scientific One

As you could probably guess, CBD beverages are drinks infused with CBD. CBD drinks come in a range of formats, including water, energy drinks, coffees, and even beer. There is pretty much something to suit all tastes.

CBD-infused drinks are more intriguing than you might first imagine. Whereas you can make CBD edibles at home, CBD drinks present a more significant challenge. CBD is hydrophobic, meaning it doesn’t mix into water. As a result, dropping CBD oil in your water will only result in the mixture separating. Trust us; it won’t taste good!

To get around this issue, manufacturers have two options. The first is to use liposomal CBD. A liposome has a lipophilic head and a hydrophilic tail. In other words, the head bonds to the CBD and the tail can bond with water. By wrapping CBD molecules in a liposomal coating, scientists can make sure that the CBD will mix into water! Alternatively, scientists can shrink the CBD down until it is tiny, producing nano-CBD. These nano-CBD particles can also combine with water.

You can purchase flavored CBD liposomes online, which can be added to water to create a simple, delicious drink. You can also buy pre-made CBD beverages. Certain CBD drinks, like lattes and smoothies, can be made at home with a standard CBD oil.

CBD Beverages Pros:

  • Another tasty way to consume CBD. It’s also convenient – you need to drink at some point!
  • CBD beverages provide a way to both hydrate and take a dose of CBD.
  • Some CBD drinks can be made at home.

CBD Beverages Cons:

  • Due to the science involved, these products are often more expensive.
  • Digesting the CBD means a slower effect and reduced bioavailability. Although, nano-CBD is said to be extremely bioavailable.

CBD for Pets: For Your Furry Friend!

Not only can you benefit from CBD, but so can your pet! CBD oil for pets has become a big market, and there are several products to suit your four-legged friend. Mammals, too, have an endocannabinoid system, allowing them to benefit from CBD.

Often, CBD products for pets include low-strength CBD oils with no additives. Some also feature pet-friendly flavorings such as tuna-flavored oil for cats. There is also CBD oil for dogs, and you can even find CBD-infused dog treats containing a pre-measured dose.

CBD for Pets: Pros

  • Perfect if you want your pet to benefit from a health product.
  • A decent range of products to choose from.

CBD for Pets: Cons

  • CBD products for pets should be administered under vet supervision.

Which CBD Product Is Best for Me?

Choosing a CBD product is down to your personal preferences. Using the list above, you can explore your choices and figure out which CBD method is best for you. This isn’t even an exhaustive list – there are more products out there!

Whatever your preferences, you can guarantee that there will be a CBD product you enjoy. As long as you take the time to browse the web, you’ll find the perfect product for you.

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Which CBD Product Is Best for You?
Which CBD Product  Is Best for You?
Take a quick quiz to find out
Which CBD Product  Is Best for You?
Which CBD Product Is Best for You?
Take a quick quiz to find out
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