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If you're the type of person who enjoys things like bitter chocolate or black, unsweetened coffee, you'll no doubt be a fan of our CBD oils (Natural) for sale. Unflavored and un-infused, these oral tinctures offer the utmost in quality while maintaining the classic, expertly-crafted Premium Jane formulation.
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  • 1000mg natural tincture full spectrum cbd oil
    1000mg Natural CBD Tincture (30ml)
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    102 reviews
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  • 300mg natural cbd tincture
    Premium Jane’s Natural 300mg CBD Tincture (30ml)
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  • premium jane natural oil 600mg
    600mg Natural CBD Tincture (30ml)
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Natural CBD Oil For Sale

Natural CBD oil from Premium Jane offers an exclusive, unflavored blend of our top-shelf hemp extract. This tincture has been sourced from cannabis grown right here in the USA in rural Kentucky. Furthermore, each batch of oil is extracted using a closed-loop, solventless Hexane system for maximized quality and CBD content. If you’ve been wanting to explore the wholesome benefits of hemp oil extract, our Natural tincture is the product for you.

Natural CBD Oil From USA-Grown Hemp

In the domestic CBD market, there can be a massive discrepancy between what one might consider a “natural CBD oil.” For some, a pure natural CBD oil simply consists of extract from the hemp seed that you might find in your local health food store.

This is not a natural CBD oil by Premium Jane’s standards. In fact, a well-made, natural, pure CBD oil must come from the leaves, flower, stem, and stalk of the hemp plant rather than the seeds. This is because phytocannabinoids (CBD being one of them) are NOT produced in seeds, but only mature plant material.

At Premium Jane, you are getting CBD extract from some of the finest hemp cultivars in the United States. Furthermore, we use independent lab testing to ensure not only the CBD content of our oil tinctures, but also the lack of pesticides, chemical solvents, fertilizers, and heavy metals.

Simply put, when you buy Natural CBD Oil from Premium Jane, you’re getting the best that the U.S. hemp market has to offer. We do not make compromises in any facet of our hemp oil production, as we fully believe in the potential of CBD oil and know that if it’s not made right, you’re not going to experience the proper wellness benefits. Start to invest in a quality product, and make the investment with Premium Jane – one of the highest quality CBD oils in the United States.

Pure Natural CBD Oil: High-Grade Hemp Extract

So what makes a pure, natural CBD oil tincture? Well, the most important thing are the plants themselves. Without good, high-quality plants that are abundant in cannabidiol and other phytocannabinoids, you’re not going to get a good end product – plain and simple.

At Premium Jane, we source only from domestically-grown hemp in Kentucky. These plants are cultivated by farmers with years of experience, meaning they are subject to rigorous quality testing standards. In our minds, that’s what makes a high-quality natural CBD product.

While other brands might be willing to compromise with cheap, low-quality imported hemp fibers, we would never do such a thing. We believe in the outstanding effects of CBD, and we fully understand that quality and effectiveness begins with the quality of the plants themselves.

Lastly, in our mind pure natural CBD products should not be made using chemical solvents. While some manufacturers opt for cheap ethanol extraction methods in order to cut costs, Premium Jane uses nothing but closed-loop, solventless Hexane extraction.

This means that the CBD (and other naturally-occurring cannabis compounds) are being “pulled” from the plant material in a low-temperature, low-pressure system that uses nothing but the supercritical components of carbon dioxide – a compound that is rich in the natural environment and one that we consume every single day of our lives. (The term ‘supercritical’ refers to existing between a liquid and solid state).

Natural CBD Offers Reliable Hemp-Based Solutions

When it comes to hemp-based products, it is no secret that Natural CBD Oil boasts some real potential for improving day-to-day wellness. Customers of course use Premium Jane products for a variety of different reasons, but we’ve heard from many satisfied users that it may help to promote a sense of calm in their lives, as well as encourage a general feeling of relaxation and wellness.

But remember, not all CBD oil is made the same. In fact, a “CBD oil” that you might find for sale online or at a local health food store may not contain any active cannabidiol at all if it has been extracted from the seeds of the plant.

Rather, the best natural CBD oil is made under strict conditions and is rigorously tested – like our domestic plants that we use for each and every Premium Jane product. When you invest in Premium Jane CBD products, you’re investing in the finest quality hemp extract available.

CBD Oils Natural FAQ

How do I know how much CBD I'm getting?

Natural CBD oil from Premium Jane comes in three different options: 300, 600, and 1,000 mg. A single drop of each tincture offers 0.5 mg, 1 mg, and 1.67 mg of CBD respectively. In a full 1 mL serving (20 drops of oil), you can expect to receive roughly 10 mg of CBD in the 300 mg bottle, 20 mg in the 600 mg bottle, and 33 mg in the 1,000 mg bottle.

How do I use the oil tincture?

Simply use the dropper to place drops of oil under your tongue (a single serving is 15 drops), then wait for 60-90 seconds before swallowing.

What else can you tell me about your Natural CBD Oil?

Everyone will have a slightly unique experience when consuming our Natural CBD Oil. Things like how much and how often you use our products will depend entirely on you and your own personal needs.

How is the Natural CBD Oil different from your other options?

Unflavored CBD oil offers the raw, rich, uncompromised taste of natural hemp. It’s not everyone’s first preference, but for those who do like it, it’s the most real flavor on the market. Of course, for those looking for a more “accessible” flavor platform, we also offer Citrus and Mint options as well.

Does Premium Jane offer flavored CBD oils?

Yes! In addition to our unflavored (Natural) CBD oil, Premium Jane offers a full range (300, 600, 1000mg) of Citrus and Mint flavored hemp tinctures as well.

Can you highlight some other potential benefits of your Natural CBD Oil?

Believe it or not, our Natural CBD oil is one of our most popular products here at Premium Jane. While we use the same CBD extract formula for our flavored tinctures as well (Citrus and Mint), the Natural CBD oil offers an uncompromised taste of earthy, raw hemp that for some, offers an extra element and an extra connection to nature.