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Due to its "earthiness," the taste of pure, raw hemp can be a bit bitter and overwhelming for some. This is why we've spent countless hours coming up with a fresh, unique formula to infuse into our CBD oils (Mint) for sale. If you're wanting the pure and potent wellness benefits of Premium Jane but our skeptical about the taste of the tinctures, give this flavored option a try.

CBD Oils Mint for Sale

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Mint CBD Oil For Sale

We are passionate about creating oil with only the very best ingredients, which is why we source our hemp directly from Oregon. Grown on organic farms, we believe the best quality crops are home-grown on U.S soil. To ensure the oil is as pure as possible, the crops we use are non-GMO, meaning no unwanted chemicals will end up contaminating the quality of our CBD oil.

Mint CBD Oil:

When you buy our Mint CBD oil, expect a cool menthol hit with subtle blends of the traditional earthy CBD taste. At premium Jane we don’t believe that any oil or product should contain artificial flavoring, that’s why we ensure all our flavor in the Mint CBD oil comes from 100% natural terpenes. These are organic compounds that when infused with the MCT oil and hemp extract, produce a refreshing peppermint taste.

Many of our customers buy this Mint CBD oil because they are intrigued by the addedl value both CBD and mint has on the body – which is exactly why we combined the two. The mint herb is thought to calm and soothe discomfort within your digestive system. Some scientists also think it mint encourages bile flow and helps speed up the digestion process, which is why mint has become a popular post-dinner solution.

As mentioned before, all the hemp grown for our oil is completely organic because we believe the most effective oil is made with only the best ingredients. But what about the extraction process? We don’t use any dangerous solvents during this stage either, instead we use solvent-less, low temperature CO2 extraction. This ensures the oil contains a full-spectrum of the plants phytocannabinoids and terpenoids, as well as being 100% chemical free.

CBD Oils Mint FAQ

How do we create our minty taste?

Instead of using artificial flavors, like unfortunately many other companies do, we like to keep our oils as pure as possible and use organic compounds called terpenes – which are produced naturally by plants. They are then infused within the MCT oil and the hemp extract to create the refreshing and earthy taste of our oil.

Why would you choose Premium Jane over other brands?

We are passionate about equipping ourselves with the scientific knowledge behind CBD and its impact on our endocannabinoid systems – believing that CBD has an important and positive role to play. Because of this knowledge, we believe that we are in a great position to produce some of the best CBD oils on the market.

What are the medicinal benefits of Mint CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol, or CBD as its commonly known, is thought to have a myriad of benefits, including; helping to support a sense of calm for focus and even allowing users to help manage, normal, everyday stress. Combined with the mint terpenes, which are thought to have a wide range of benefits, you are getting a top quality product that is perfect for everyday usage. But it’s important to note that not everybody will feel the same effects from the oil because our bodies respond differently to different substances.

How do you take Mint CBD oil?

Like other oils, the most effective way to consume CBD is orally. We suggest placing the drops underneath your tongue and waiting for at least 30 seconds before attempting to swallow. If you swallow the oil too quickly then the CBD interacts with the digestive system instead of being absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. While this isn’t dangerous, it may take longer for the oil to cause an effect and the potency may be lessened.

Is this oil good for a first-time user of CBD?

We think the Mint CBD oil is a great choice for those starting out with CBD use, the cool and familiar taste of mint can be much less intimidating than a natural tasting oil. On our website you can purchase the mint flavored oil in 3 different potencies; 300mg, 600mg and 1000mg. We suggest beginning with the least potent oil and working your way up, if you feel the need to. The most important thing is to listen to your body.

How quickly does the oil work?

When consuming CBD there is never a definitive time that you should begin to feel the effects. For some people the effects are noticeable within 10 minutes and others after a few hours. This can be dependent on the people themselves, the potency of the oil and the method of consumption.