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Ever wanted to buy 1500mg CBD in topical format? Here at Premium Jane, our potent USA-made creams are some of the strongest available on the market. In fact, they're stronger and contain more active compound than many of the CBD lotions available in medical cannabis dispensaries.

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1500mg CBD Products from Premium Jane

When using CBD, 1500mg is actually a pretty robust potency that you don’t see all that often. You see a lot of products in the 300 to 1000 mg range, but not surprisingly there are few brands out there who have taken the time to incorporate a 1500mg CBD option into their product lineup.

This is precisely why we’ve opted to produce our unique line of 1500 mg CBD products. Our goal is to provide options for you, the customer, and ever since we began this company our aim was to deliver top-quality extracts and a range of options. In our minds, this is the only way to meet the varying needs of the countless folks who need our products.

Of course, when using this potent of a product you’re not going to using the entire tub all at once. Gauging a single dose or “serving size” for a topical salve is difficult, but we estimate there to be about 15 individual applications per 2 oz tub. This equates to a robust 100mg of CBD per single application.

CBD Topical (1500mg): Potent Hemp Extract for A Range of Uses

When using our CBD topical 1500 mg dose, remember of course that you’re not going to be using the entire 2 ounce tub all at once. As we mentioned above, we estimate there to be about 15 single applications per container. So gauge your “doses” accordingly.

In terms of how to use, topical CBD application is incredibly simple; just scoop out a small amount of lotion onto your fingers, and gently massage onto the desired area. The active CBD component will start interacting with cell receptors in the various skin layers, at which point the compound will begin to employ its effects.

Of course, bear in mind that everyone’s endocannabinoid system is different, and some people may experience very different results — even if the same amount of topical CBD cream is applied. Keep your expectations realistic, and don’t be afraid to adjust application sizes accordingly.

CBD Oil Flavors at Premium Jane

Unlike our popular Premium Jane oral tinctures, our topical CBD cream does not come in a range of flavors (we wouldn’t assume that you’d be eating the cream anyway!). If you’ve used our oral tinctures in the past, you’ll know that they come in a variety of flavor options – each of which offers its own unique benefits.

The Citrus range is cool and refreshing for those long summer days when your you seem to be at your worst, and is an excellent option for those wanting to experience the benefits of hemp extract but don’t want to deal with the earthy taste.

Likewise, our Mint flavor is another increasingly popular option, and in fact may soon trump the natural CBD oil in terms of customer preference.

Whatever flavor CBD product you prefer (or maybe you prefer to go flavorless), just remember that Premium Jane offers the best in terms of quality, purity, and reliability – we are a company based around customer satisfaction, so if anything is not up to your standards, just let us know. We’ll be happy to try and help.