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Is CBD Oil Legal in Wisconsin?

Jeff Yauck | April 4, 2022
cbd in wisconsin

At one time, CBD oil in Wisconsin was only available for the most specific of circumstances; circumstances that were “designated” by statewide officials on a case-by-case basis. Of course, the prior statewide status of hemp-based products didn’t stop some Wisconsin CBD stores from selling the compound.

Today, CBD in Wisconsin is quite easily available – but product quality remains an ongoing issue. The main issue in the state, and indeed in many other states, is a lack of clear regulation. Still, thousands of Wisconsin state residents purchase and use CBD every single day. The sheer scale of the industry is, to be quite frank, astonishing. Even given the lack of clear guidelines, CBD remains a wildly popular market for Wisconsin residents and for Americans as a whole.

In this article, we discuss how to avoid low-quality products and invest your money in the best CBD oil in Wisconsin stores and online e-markets. CBD can be used for dozens of different reasons, but it all comes down to getting your hands on a good, high-quality oil or topical.

CBD Laws in Wisconsin Have Finally Caught Up With the Rest of the U.S.

Believe it or not, Wisconsin has a thriving industrial hemp program; if you buy CBD anywhere in the United States, there’s a decent chance it was made from hemp that was grown in Wisconsin. Even in the most rural parts of Wisconsin, CBD can be found in just about every gas station and convenience store.

However, you’ll be hard-pressed to find products of even halfway decent quality in locations like these. We advise you to focus on brands that use CO2 extraction methods to remove the CBD from the plant. CO2 involves the use of supercritical carbon dioxide, and is the method that we use on all of our USA-made products here at Premium Jane.

Your Options for the Best CBD Oil in Wisconsin

We know the average person can’t spend a small fortune when they go to buy CBD in Wisconsin, or any other state for that matter. That’s why, despite our standards for quality, we try to keep our prices competitive with the rest of the industry. We offer CBD oil in mint, citrus, and natural/unflavored varieties, and we also offer budget options in potencies of 300mg and 600mg.

We also know that many customers prefer their CBD flavorless, which is why our CBD capsules have become so popular over the years. On the flip side of things, a lot of customers like their CBD brimming with taste, which is why we offer a range of delicious CBD gummies.

We, of course, also offer our award-winning CBD topicals, which are great for joint pain and for soothing sore, achy muscles after an intense workout. Our eucalyptus and cocoa butter formulations are customer favorites. When you combine these with one of our luxurious CBD bath bombs, you’re in for an especially rejuvenating experience.

Hemp Cultivation and Industrial Hemp in Wisconsin

Let’s talk for a minute about the state of hemp cultivation in Wisconsin. Farmers in the Badger State grow hemp for a variety of reasons; it can be used to produce hemp milk, or eat it can be consumed in the form of seeds or shelled hemp hearts for its plant-based protein content. Hemp can even be used to make material for clothing and construction.

Of course, it is the Wisconsin CBD market that captures most of the attention. Wisconsin actually established a hemp pilot program back in November 2017, which was created after the passing of the 2014 Farm Bill. The 2018 version of the Farm Bill, massively expanded opportunities for commercial farmers to grow hemp in the state. At present, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP) oversees everything.

All states that choose to allow hemp cultivation must submit a statewide regulatory plan that has to be sent to the USDA for approval. Fortunately for state-licensed farmers, the Wisconsin plan has already been approved, and hemp is being actively cultivated and harvested in the state. This is great news not only for people that want to buy CBD in Wisconsin, but for people all across the United States that are interested in premium, grade-A CBD products.

Can You Buy CBD Online in Wisconsin?

The short answer to this question is yes – absolutely. While you can find CBD for sale in Wisconsin in plenty of stores, it is extraordinarily difficult to find authentic, well-made, quality products. For example, much of the CBD oil for sale in Wisconsin stores comes from “big box” suppliers who couldn’t care less about hand-crafted quality.

At Premium Jane, we are dedicated to simple, USA-made product quality. If you have a look through our online selection of CBD oils and other CBD products, you’ll see that what we may lack in terms of flavor variety, we more than make up for in terms of precision manufacturing and sheer quality.

There is no need for a company to offer dozens and dozens of CBD products. Instead, we focus on perfecting the select number of products that we have on offer. Also, we ensure the quality and phytochemical content of all our products – something that cannot be said for the majority of CBD oil stores in Wisconsin.

What Else Can You Tell Me About CBD Oil in Wisconsin?

Don’t consider purchasing CBD unless the brand in question has third-party lab reports. This information is essential because it lets you see what the product contains. You may have seen in the news that a shockingly high proportion of cannabidiol products don’t carry what is claimed on the label. There is potentially too much, or too little, CBD inside.

Even worse, there is the possibility of an excessively high THC content. Remember, CBD products in Wisconsin should not contain more than 0.3% THC. If you must purchase locally, choose a specialty shop that offers viewable lab reports. You may even be able to find reputable products from local farmers that offer cannabinoid profiles.

Whatever you do, do not purchase your CBD oil in Wisconsin from a random convenience store or gas station. Unless a quality independent lab analysis is available, you simply will have no idea what you are putting inside your body. Trust a brand like Premium Jane, and you’ll notice firsthand the difference that quality extraction can make in your life.

Summary: CBD Oil in Wisconsin

To wrap things up, there are no specific rules relating to CBD oil in Wisconsin. For years, only certain people were technically allowed to possess and use it. However, the proliferation of CBD sellers means the state is now home to many dedicated CBD stores. However, lack of quality in these stores is an ongoing problem for Wisconsin residents.

Remember, only deal with brands that provide evidence of cannabinoid content via third-party lab reports. Otherwise, there is an ongoing danger that you could ingest phytochemicals you are not aware of. Low-quality products could also contain solvent residue, heavy metals, or toxins. Stick with tried and trusted brands like us here at Premium Jane, and make an investment into your health that will actually show tangible benefits.

We hope this guide has been helpful to those interested in purchasing CBD online in Wisconsin. We offer free shipping on all of our products at Premium Jane, and we do everything to ensure your health, happiness, and satisfaction.


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