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CBD Oil in Wisconsin: Can You Legally Get CBD Oil in 2023?

Jeff Yauck | April 4, 2022

The hope was that the 2018 Farm Bill would eliminate the confusion surrounding the CBD oil industry. Alas, it only made things even more complex. As the legislation failed to fully legalize cannabidiol, each state remains responsible for its CBD laws. Few states have explicitly legalized the substance, meaning there is a gray area.

That being said, cannabidiol is widely tolerated throughout the United States, with only a couple of states deviating from what have become ‘standard’ restrictions. Nonetheless, our readers often ask if CBD oil is legal in their state. As a result, we decided to create a detailed state-by-state guide to CBD legalization to ensure you’re well-informed.

Today, we check out what the CBD rules look like in Wisconsin.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Wisconsin?

Yes. However, unlike most states, Wisconsin didn’t immediately permit the use of CBD due to the 2018 Farm Bill. Instead, it waited to pass state-specific legislation, which we discuss later.

What the Farm Bill did was distinguish hemp from marijuana. The former is classified as Cannabis sativa L. will a maximum THC content of 0.3%. Meanwhile, the latter is cannabis, with more than 0.3% THC.

The Farm Bill legalized hemp cultivation across the United States, removing the plant from the controlled substances list. Each state could decide whether to allow hemp cultivation, and all 50 did.

As you’re about to discover, Wisconsin residents must settle for CBD because the state has no medical marijuana program.

Marijuana Laws in Wisconsin

WI is among the decreasing number of states with no active MMJ program. There is hope that the Badger State will legalize the plant since over 70% of residents want medical marijuana. However, even if Wisconsin creates an MMJ program, it will be among the strictest in the country.

At present, there are severe penalties for marijuana possession since the state hasn’t even decriminalized the substance. For instance, you could face a 6-month jail term if found possessing a gram of marijuana in Wisconsin! If caught for a second time, the charge is bumped to a felony, with 42 months in prison as the possible punishment.

Therefore, for WI residents, CBD remains the only legal game in town.

What Are the Rules Surrounding Hemp CBD Oil in Wisconsin?

Today, you can buy CBD in Wisconsin without looking over your shoulder. However, this is only a relatively recent phenomenon. In 2014, Wisconsin Act 267 legalized cannabidiol but only for individuals with seizure disorders. Known as Lydia’s Law, it was named after a child with severe epilepsy who experienced debilitating seizures.

Unfortunately, the bill only allowed FDA-approved CBD products; no such drug existed at that time. Eventually, Epidiolex arrived to plug that particular gap. It took almost three years for the state to amend its rules and allow access to CBD for patients with seizure disorders.

The general public had to wait until November 2019 for legal access to CBD oil. It happened thanks to the passing of Wisconsin Act 68 into law. Today, you can buy and use hemp-derived products, including ones containing CBD, if they contain no more than 0.3% THC.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Wisconsin?

Since the new rules have existed for several years, countless stores are selling CBD in Wisconsin. However, your best bet is to stick with online retailers rather than travel to brick-and-mortar stores.

Why Buy CBD Online Instead of in a Local Store?

Let’s be clear; there are lots of reputable brick-and-mortar stores selling CBD in Wisconsin. Indeed, we outline a few below. However, there is a growing trend towards gas stations selling CBD products. It’s a bad idea to rely on them for the following reasons.

  • Quality control: The CBD products sold in convenience shops and gas stations are often not subject to strict quality control procedures. It’s possible that the ingredient sourcing and manufacture don’t adhere to the required requirements. Consequently, verifying the CBD products’ quality, purity, or safety is impossible.
  • Lack of transparency: When giving thorough information about CBD products, gas stations and neighborhood shops often fall short. It may be challenging to find out where the CBD comes from, how it was extracted, the outcomes of independent lab testing, and the product’s general makeup. Consumers find it difficult to make educated selections regarding the CBD they buy because of the lack of openness.
  • Mislabeling and misrepresentation: CBD products sold at petrol stations and small shops are more likely to be mislabeled or misrepresented without adequate regulation and control. This indicates that the product you are buying might not contain as much CBD as is stated on the label, or it could include other ingredients that are not mentioned. This is deceptive and results in negative or even harmful outcomes.
  • Limited product selection: The range of CBD products is often restricted in local shops and gas stations. You may not have a lot of options for brands, dosages, or strengths. Finding the product that best meets your unique requirements and tastes may become more complex.
  • Lack of professional direction: Local shops and gas stations often lack knowledgeable employees who can provide proper information and guidance regarding CBD products. Finding someone to help you with questions or concerns could be challenging.

Buying CBD products from trustworthy sources like legal dispensaries, specialty CBD shops, or reliable online sellers is best to assure their quality, safety, and effectiveness. These suppliers often sell goods from reputable companies that value quality, provide thorough product descriptions, and follow the rules and regulations established by the industry.

Local CBD Retailers in Wisconsin

Here are some of the best stores in Wisconsin’s biggest cities.

CBD Stores in Milwaukee

  • CBD Hemp World
  • Torch CBD
  • Hazy Dayz CBD & Delta-8-THC Dispensary Milwaukee
  • Verdant CBD for Mind & Body
  • Feel Good Alternatives LLC

CBD Stores in Madison

  • Quality CBD
  • Paradise Plus
  • Knuckleheads CBD & Vapes
  • Beauti4SouL
  • A Sweet State of Mind

CBD Stores in Green Bay

  • Happy Trails CBD
  • WI Roots Dispensary East
  • Best Budz
  • Go Earthward CBD
  • Glass Monkey Smokeshops and CBD Dispensaries

How to Find High-Quality CBD Products in Wisconsin

The simple answer is to buy Premium Jane products! When it comes to buying high-quality CBD products, it’s all about quality control. Here’s how the best online sellers ensure they sell the best possible cannabidiol to their loyal customers.

  • Independent lab testing: Reputable CBD vendors submit their goods to labs for independent testing. These tests examine the CBD product’s general quality, cannabinoid concentration, and impurities (including pesticides, heavy metals, and residual solvents). Customers should have easy access to the lab results, also known as Certificates of Analysis (COAs), which provide transparency and confidence regarding the product’s quality.
  • Buying from reliable vendors: High-quality CBD brands place a premium on buying their hemp from reputable, authorized growers or vendors. They look for hemp that is strictly farmed organically to ensure no impurities or dangerous chemicals are present in the plants.
  • Methods of extraction: The finished product’s overall quality might be affected by the extraction technique used to extract CBD from hemp. Many trustworthy extraction techniques, such as CO2 extraction, which guarantees a clean and effective extract without toxic solvents, are used by high-quality CBD sellers. This process reduces undesirable chemicals while preserving the CBD’s beneficial components.
  • GMP as standard: Reputable CBD vendors adhere to good manufacturing procedures (GMP), industry norms for production and quality assurance. To guarantee consistency and safety, these procedures include keeping things sanitized, putting them into place, documenting the processes, and doing routine quality checks.
  • Transparent product information and labeling: High-quality CBD brands clearly and accurately label their goods. Information like the CBD concentration, other cannabinoids present, suggested dose, batch number, expiry date, and storage directions should all be included on the labels. Additionally, they provide comprehensive product information through their website.
  • Reviews and comments from customers: Reputable CBD sellers often request reviews and comments from customers to determine the efficacy and contentment of their offerings. Positive customer reviews are a sign of the quality and dependability of the CBD vendor.

High-quality CBD vendors work to ensure their goods are secure and dependable and live up to consumers’ expectations by putting the above quality control methods in place.

Final Thoughts on CBD Oil Legality in Wisconsin

In conclusion, selecting high-quality CBD products takes thought and investigation. As CBD is becoming increasingly popular, it is crucial to shop intelligently to ensure you get a pure, effective, and safe product. Taking a few essential measures will improve your chances of discovering credible CBD suppliers and goods that satisfy your particular demands.

Of course, the best way to guarantee CBD you can trust is to check out the full Premium Jane range!


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