600 mg CBD Oil

Here at Premium Jane, we value quality over quantity - every single time. This is why we've chosen not to cut any corners in terms of product manufacturing. Buy 600 mg CBD oil, and know that you're getting a finely crafted, USA-made product that's been formulated with nothing but purity and potency in mind.

Buy 600 mg CBD Oil

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Why Buy the 600mg CBD Oil?

Here at Premium Jane, our biggest concern is ensuring customers are able to find just the right oil for them – we don’t think this should be a difficult task. That’s why we take extreme pride in producing a variety of high-quality flavored oils, all in our 600 mg potency.

We currently sell the 600 mg CBD oil as our mid-range potency, perfect for those looking for a higher concentration of CBD in each drop compared to the 300 mg oil, but without the intensity of the 1000 mg oil.

Each bottle of the 600 mg CBD oil contains approximately 1 oz of liquid, and gives the user 40 servings at the recommended amount of 15 mg per serving. With our 600 mg potency, whether you are a beginner or accustomed to CBD usage, we suggest beginning at a low serving and gradually increasing, until you feel the desired effects.

What Makes Premium Jane’s CBD Oil (600 mg) Special?

It’s important to us to create oils that are not only approved by you, but are made as naturally as possible. We are in an age where often, we don’t know what chemicals or solvents we consume on a daily basis – we want to change that!

All of the hemp we use to create our CBD oil (600 mg) is 100% organic, meaning no harmful toxins or chemicals are introduced in the growing process. We can keep a close eye on this because all of our hemp farms are located in the U.S, meaning home-grown and natural hemp.

This ethos continues into the extraction stage, where we use a process called CO2 extraction, which uses pressurized carbon dioxide to remove all of the helpful cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant. While it’s a more expensive method of extraction, it’s more importantly, completely non-toxic. It’s just another way we try to keep the CBD oil (600 mg) as pure as possible.

What Can You Expect From (600 mg) CBD Oil Effects?

We do everything in our power to make our CBD oils as effective as possible, for a myriad of concerns and conditions. Which is why it’s important for us to create full spectrum oils, this means that not only is cannabidiol (CBD) extracted from the plant, but a variety of terpenes and other phytochemicals.

We believe that by maintaining the natural diversity of hemp’s chemical compounds, we have the best chance of producing an effective oil for our customers. This sentiment is shared by many recent studies conducted on CBD’s effectiveness, which has only increased our confidence in our extraction process.

So, what kind of 600 mg CBD oil effects can you expect when consuming our oil? Our customers choose our oil for a wide range of reasons. However, we never claim to be able to cure or solve any of these reasons, as its effectiveness can depend on the individual themselves.This is why we suggest using our 600 mg oil with an open mind.

If you find the potency is not quite as intense as you would like, we also sell a 1000 mg oil, available in a range of different flavors. As well as a variety of creams, capsules and gummies, for those who dislike the sublingual method of CBD consumption.

Which CBD Oil Flavors Should You Choose?

The natural flavor of CBD is famous for its rich earthy taste, and while many find it delicious, others…not so much. Because of this, we have created two different flavored oils to appeal to those who need a subtle disguise of flavor, these come in citrus and mint! Not only do they taste great but the flavor extracts themselves, have unique and beneficial qualities.

Expect a fresh, peppermint flavor from our 600 mg mint oil, which many enjoy as a refreshing morning oil, not only because it improves bad breath but because it is thought to relieve daily stress.

Another option is our 600 mg citrus oil, it disguises the slightly bitter natural taste with a fruity and fresh flavor. Made with only 100% natural citrus extract, there have been lots of studies on the benefits of using citrus in our diets, this is because it contains B vitamins, magnesium, copper and much more, which have been known to improve issues such as inflammation.