5000mg Luxe Lemon-Lime CBD Tincture – 2 oz / 60mL
5000mg Luxe Lemon-Lime CBD Tincture – 2 oz / 60mL
5000mg Luxe Lemon-Lime CBD Tincture – 2 oz / 60mL
5000mg Luxe Lemon-Lime CBD Tincture – 2 oz / 60mL
5000mg Luxe Lemon-Lime CBD Tincture – 2 oz / 60mL - preview
5000mg Luxe Lemon-Lime CBD Tincture – 2 oz / 60mL - preview
5000mg Luxe Lemon-Lime CBD Tincture – 2 oz / 60mL - preview
5000mg Luxe Lemon-Lime CBD Tincture – 2 oz / 60mL - preview

5000mg Luxe Lemon-Lime CBD Tincture – 2 oz / 60mL

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  • 5,000mg total CBD content
  • Made in the USA
  • Delicious Lemon-Lime flavor
  • Vegan-friendly, non-GMO
  • Laboratory tested for CBD content
  • Sourced from organic hemp
30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Product Snapshot
size / volume
60ml / 80 servings per container
total cbd
62.5mg of CBD / ½ of dropper
Product Facts
Made in the USA
Recommended Use
Take once or twice daily. Place ½ of a dropper of oil in the mouth, wait 60-90 seconds, swallow.
Hemp derived CBD extract, MCT oil, hempseed oil, flaxseed oil, natural flavors
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Premium Jane LUXE 5000mg CBD Oil (Lemon Lime)

At Premium Jane, we dedicate resources to product quality in a way that no other brand does. We painstakingly source the highest quality hemp from American farms and spare no expense in delivering the market’s most advanced and cutting-edge cannabinoid extraction techniques.

The result is a rich, broad-spectrum USA-made CBD oil that one must taste and experience to believe. Our 5,000mg CBD oil formulation is our strongest yet, delivering over four milligrams of CBD in a single drop. If you’ve tried other CBD oils with little results, the Premium Jane LUXE CBD oil 5000 mg formula is a must-try for improved daily wellness.

The Advantage of 5000mg CBD Oil from Premium Jane

For years, Premium Jane has been delivering some of the industry’s most trusted CBD oil products. Have a look at some of our customer reviews, and you’ll see what we’re talking about. We not only consider the crucial aspect of precision extraction techniques, but also prioritize the cultivation of the highest-quality USA-grown hemp.

After all, the quality of any 5000mg CBD oil will only be as good as the quality of the hemp used to make it. While some companies import dried, vacuum-packaged hemp from export countries like India and China, we source only from the most trusted USA farms.

Why? It all comes down to phytochemical content. As a phytocompound, CBD is prone to degradation when exposed to things like extreme temperatures, inadequate external curing environments, and so on. When hemp is imported across oceans, the plant material is exposed to an overabundance of potentially hazardous conditions.

By making our CBD oil 5000mg formulation (as well as all of our other CBD products) right here in the USA from USA-grown hemp, we are ensuring the cleanest, freshest, most pure end product possible.

5000 mg CBD Oil: Premium Jane’s Most Advanced Formulation Yet

At Premium Jane, we also make it a priority to make CBD as accessible as possible to individuals of all needs and budgets. We offer some of the market’s most affordable entry-level tinctures in our 300mg formulations, and now, we are proud to offer some of the market’s highest-milligram options in our line of LUXE Lime-Aid CBD oil 5000 mg tinctures.

These oils are not only delicious but are also designed to produce effects and wellness benefits when no other CBD oil or CBD products will. Simply squeeze half a dropper (~0.75mL) of oil below the tongue, wait 60-90 seconds, and let the positive benefits of the hemp CBD extract make their way into your system.


5000mg Luxe Lemon-Lime CBD Tincture – 2 oz/60mL


1. Why Premium Jane LUXE 5000mg CBD Oil?

If you’ve tried other CBD oils in the past without much of a result, we highly recommend upping the milligram amount with our line of LUXE high-mg CBD oils. Our 5000mg CBD oil offers over four milligrams of CBD in a single drop, which is by far our most robust option yet.

2. How do I take Premium Jane LUXE CBD Oil?

Just like you do any Premium Jane CBD oil: place ½ of a dropper of oil in the mouth (preferably under the tongue), wait 60-90 seconds, and swallow.

3. Is this is a full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate tincture?

Premium Jane LUXE 5,000mg CBD oil in Lemon-Lime flavor is made using a broad-spectrum hemp CBD extract. This means that, along with the CBD content, other active hemp phytochemicals are present in the tincture (see lab report for more detailed information and cannabinoid profiles).

4. How much CBD am I getting in a single serving of LUXE 5,000mg CBD Oil?

A single serving (~½ of a dropper) of Premium Jane 5,000mg CBD oil contains ten drops of oil. At over four milligrams of CBD per drop, this equates to well over 40mg of CBD in a single ½ dropper serving.

5. How does Premium Jane LUXE CBD oil 5000 mg differ from other Premium Jane products?

The milligram amount included in our Premium Jane LUXE 5,000mg CBD oil is by far our highest mg concentration yet. While other products may be preferable for individuals based on budget and pricing, Premium Jane LUXE CBD oils are designed for those who demand the most that CBD has to offer.

Shopping & Returns

The Premium Jane 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee At Premium Jane, we stand behind everything we make and everything we say. As such, if you are not completely satisfied with one of our products, feel free to contact us to request a refund or to make an exchange for a different product. *Please note that ALL return requests must be made within 30 days of purchase – after 30 days, all sales are considered final. Also note that the customer is responsible for return shipping costs, and products MUST be returned prior to receiving a refund. Can I return a Premium Jane product? Yes. As we’ve said, we stand by the quality and effectiveness of each and every one of our products. If you are not fully satisfied, you may request a refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase. What if it’s already been opened? You may request to refund or exchange an opened product, as long as the package and/or labeling has not been destroyed, damaged, or otherwise tampered with. Do I have to pay for return shipping? Yes. All return shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. (You will receive e-mail instructions with how to package, address, and ship items for return).

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This has such a bright and summery taste to it I can see it being perfect in the winter when I’m missing the summer and the sun.

Gilles G.
Rating :

The lime and lemon flavoring is super fun and I like the powerful concentration just wish that ordering and delivery was a little smoother and quicker.

Smooth and quick!
Rating :

I think this is a really good item and one that works so well with many of the other products that I have ordered from Premium Jane

lemon heaven
Harold R.
Rating :

Super tasty and easy to use this has become on of my favorite items from Premium Jane.

Premium Jane
Arrianne Jones
Rating :

The lemon and lime tastes just like a refreshing summer cooler which I really love.

Summer taste