300 mg CBD Oil

For those looking to buy 300 mg CBD oil, Premium Jane offers the utmost in finely-crafted, USA-made options. Each and every product has been sourced from organic, non-GMO Oregon-grown hemp. View our lab analysis reports for verification of purity and cannabidiol content.

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What Makes the 300mg CBD Oil So Appealing?

With thousands of brands saturating the CBD market, it can be difficult to pick out a high-quality oil. We want to make it easy for our customers. We do this by ensuring that every batch of our 300mg oil is as effective, and enjoyable as the last.

This consistency is supported by the amazing hemp farms that keep our business running. We choose these farms, located in the U.S, as we believe U.S grown hemp to be one of the best qualities in the world. This close relationship means we can ensure that all of the crops grown are free of any pesticides and chemicals, that might contaminate our 300 mg CBD oil. Not only that, but it means we can support our diverse agriculture industry, helping keep the community alive.

How to Consume Premium Jane’s CBD Oil (300 mg)

At Premium Jane we believe that our oils should reflect us, that’s why we aim to create a consistently high-quality CBD oil (300mg) in a range of different flavors. So that customers have flexibility when choosing the right oil for them. Currently on our website you can purchase our 300mg oil in Natural, Mint and Citrus.

All of our CBD oil (300mg) flavors come in 1OZ bottles, which makes it an ideal size to carry in your bag for when you need CBD on-the-go. Each bottle is designed to give the user 40 servings of CBD, which for our 300ml oil, means approximately 7.5 mg of CBD per serving. Like all of our oils, we recommended beginning at a low serving of the CBD oil, so you can listen to exactly what you body needs and avoid the risk of taking too much.

Our oils are also designed to be consumed sublingually, for those unfamiliar with CBD this means dropping the oil underneath the tongue. To achieve the full effects of the oil, it is best to hold the oil underneath the tongue for at least 30 seconds, this allows for quick absorption of the CBD into the bloodstream.

The (300 mg) CBD Oil Effects

So when taking the 300mg CBD oil, what kind of effects can you expect? Numerous studies indicate the plethora of advantages taking CBD may have on the body. In fact, CBD is thought to help with support the management of normal, everyday stress and even support recovery from exercise-induced inflammation.

But how does CBD impact the body? When you consume the oil sublingually, the CBD enters into the bloodstream, allowing it to interact with our endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for regulating pain, body temperature, inflammation and more, which is why it is one of the most important networks in our body. It also contains many receptors, most notably CB1 and CB2, which miraculously CBD can bind to and influence.

While many of our customers do experience a relief from the issues mentioned above, we never claim to be able to cure these conditions. As a matter of fact, CBD products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This is because CBD interacts differently with every body, meaning, for some it will work and for others less.

As our weakest oil on the website, we think the (300mg) CBD oil effects are a great introduction into the world of CBD. Perfect for those who are unfamiliar with taking CBD, or those concerned about experiencing strong natural effects.

What CBD Oil Flavors Are There to Choose From?

At Premium Jane, we believe choice is important, especially when it comes to taste. Which is why we have developed our 300mg oil in 3 different flavors; Natural, Citrus and Mint. And as we like to keep all of our ingredients as pure as possible, you won’t find any artificial flavors or chemicals in our oils.

Our Natural oil embodies the all-natural hemp taste, with very earthy and slightly bitter notes. While many in the community love this taste, it’s not uncommon, especially for those unaccustomed with CBD, to find the taste less than pleasant. That’s why we have developed two additional flavors to choose from!

The Mint oil is a favorite for those looking for a fresh peppermint flavor that curbs the bitter aftertaste of natural hemp. We have spent lots of time and energy, perfecting our mint flavor by using only natural terpenes. This not only makes a great taste, but mint also has many beneficial qualities of its own, including aiding digestion.

Our Citrus oil is made only from 100% natural citrus extracts, which keeps the oil pure while maintaining the tasty flavor of a whole variety of citrus fruits. In addition to the taste, citrus fruits are also a great source of Vitamin C, which is known to boost the immune system – adding even more benefit to our oil.