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1000mg Mint CBD Tincture (30ml)

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  • Fresh mint flavor
  • Sourced from 100% organic Kentucky hemp
  • Non-GMO
  • Certified to be free from any pesticides, herbicides, solvents, heavy metals, or chemical fertilizers
  • Relaxing, non-intoxicating hemp formula (less than 0.3% THC)
  • Lab tested for safety, purity, and potency
30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Product Snapshot
size / volume
30 ml / 40 serving per container
total cbd
1000 mg
25mg of CBD / 1/2 of dropper
Product Facts
Recommended Use
Take once or twice daily. Place 1/2 of the dropper under the tongue, wait 60-90 seconds and then swallow.
Full Spectrum Hemp extract (Aerial Parts), Fractionated Coconut Oil (Coconut Medium Chain Triglycerides), Natural Flavors
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As the CBD market grows, a level of standardization has taken hold. For example, the most popular CBD oil concentration is arguably 1000mg. For many users, this is the ‘sweet spot’ where they feel as if they consume enough CBD and still get value for their money.

However, at Premium Jane, we believe there is nothing ‘standard’ about our Mint 1000mg CBD tincture. This is a full-spectrum product that contains a host of naturally hemp phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. It also has less than 0.3% THC.

1000mg Mint CBD Tincture For Sale

As one of our best all-time sellers, Premium Jane Mint CBD Tincture (1000mg) combines a subtly delicious mint flavor profile along with and the earthy aftertaste of pure, authentic hemp extract.

Each bottle contains 30ml of liquid, and as a result, you receive ~33.33mg of CBD per ml of tincture. Check out our lab reports for proof of our tincture’s CBD concentration. You will also see evidence of the exact concentration of other cannabinoids, including CBG, CBN, and CBC.

Buy Premium Jane 1000mg Mint CBD Tincture Today

Although it is a competitive market, we truly believe that our full-spectrum 1000mg Mint CBD Tincture is among the best you’ll find. The CBD comes from completely organic hemp grown in the great state of Kentucky. And like the rest of the Premium Jane range, our mint-flavored CBD tincture (30ml) is certified free of any solvents, heavy metals, chemical fertilizers, insecticides, or pesticides.

We realize that those interested in CBD want to ensure that what they consume is pure and healthy. Apart from the high-quality hemp extract, the only other ingredients in our CBD tincture are MCT oil and natural flavoring. The hemp extract also contains terpenes, which provide a tremendous boost in terms of taste and flavor.

Furthermore, we utilize clean, solventless Hexane extraction in every CBD oil we make, ensuring there are never any residual solvents leftover in the end product.

If the above isn’t enough, customers are also protected by our famous Premium Jane 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you can ask for an exchange or a refund within 30 days. We do accept opened products, as long as the labeling and packaging are undamaged.

How to Use Mint CBD Tincture 1000mg

When you buy Premium Jane Mint 1000mg CBD Tincture, rest assured using it is simple and convenient. Each bottle comes with a 1ml capacity dropper; a fully-filled dropper represents one serving of CBD oil. Simply place the oil beneath your tongue, hold for 60-90 seconds, and swallow.

If you are using this mint flavor hemp oil tincture for the very first time, be sure to start out slow and work your way up in terms of serving size as needed. Listen to your body, and adjust your milligram intake as needed to optimize wellness benefits.


1000mg 30ml Mint CBD Tincture

1000mg 30ml Mint CBD Tincture 03/29/2021


How Should I Store 1000 mg mint CBD tincture?

Premium Jane CBD oils are best stored in a cool, dry, dark place away from direct sunlight — preferably in an indoor, climate controlled location (the refrigerator is also a good option).

Will 1000 mg mint CBD tincture help me?

CBD interacts with a network of receptors in the body that belong to the greater Endocannabinoid System (ECS). While each and every human being on earth has an endocannabinoid system (regardless of whether they’ve ever taken cannabis before in their lives), the interaction of CBD will vary from individual to individual. As such, some folks may initially experience dramatic positive effects, while others may experience little to no effects. That said, some customers have reported taking CBD oil for up to three weeks before positive results were observed.

What Is The Endocannabinoid System?

The endocannabinoid system, or ECS, is an innate (naturally existing in all humans) network of cell receptors and neurotransmitters that work together to influence an array of natural processes in the body and mind. Among other things, the ECS has been suggested to help regulate things like stress (panic and anxiety), appetite control, sleep patterns, immune response, inflammation, and pain control. CBD interacts with the naturally-occuring receptors of the ECS to potentially influence all of the above factors.

Will 1000 mg Mint CBD Tincture Get Me High?

Not at all. While our 1000mg full spectrum CBD tincture contains trace amounts of hemp-extracted THC (less than 0.3%), this is nowhere near enough to produce a psychoactive response in the body. In other words, Premium Jane CBD oils will never, ever get you high.

Why do people like Mint CBD Tincture?

To put it nicely, some people find the natural (unflavored) taste of CBD oil to be a bit off-putting. Natural peppermint extract offers a pleasant, refreshing alternative that may actually be able to provide its own range of potential benefits as well.

Do I need anything else to use the CBD Tincture in 1000mg Mint?

Nope! All you need is the bottle of CBD oil and the cap. On the underside of the cap is a pipette dropper; place several drops of CBD oil under your tongue, wait about 60-90 seconds, and then swallow. That’s all there is to it!

Is this a good product for new CBD users?

Our mint tinctures are in fact recommended for first time CBD users who may be wary of the natural, “earthy” taste of unflavored hemp extract. This is a fantastic formula that offers a cool, refreshing, pleasant taste — all with the natural goodness potential of full spectrum CBD extract.

Shipping & Returns

The Premium Jane 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

At Premium Jane, we stand behind everything we make and everything we say. As such, if you are not completely satisfied with one of our products, feel free to contact us to request a refund or to make an exchange for a different product.

*Please note that ALL return requests must be made within 30 days of purchase – after 30 days, all sales are considered final. Also note that the customer is responsible for return shipping costs, and products MUST be returned prior to receiving a refund.

Can I return a Premium Jane product?

Yes. As we’ve said, we stand by the quality and effectiveness of each and every one of our products. If you are not fully satisfied, you may request a refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase.

What if it’s already been opened?

You may request to refund or exchange an opened product, as long as the package and/or labeling has not been destroyed, damaged, or otherwise tampered with.

Do I have to pay for return shipping?

Yes. All return shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. (You will receive e-mail instructions with how to package, address, and ship items for return).

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Mike Schwartz
Rating :

I use it almost daily or as and when needed and the results are outstanding. It really helps

Outstanding results
Rating :

Thought I’d try this after reading all the reviews. I started with a drop and that is what sold me on it. I actually felt a difference. Been taking it ever since. Got another family member to try it-and they too feel the benefits. So good, so gar

Good Thing
Rating :

Minty fresh! Not only is it a great way to get some CBD, but it leaves me feeling really fresh and clean

So fresh!
Rachel Wheeler
Rating :

The flavor has to be my top thing I love about this oil it’s like chewing gum but also taking a supplement which I have been loving.

Deborah Phillips
Rating :

Fresh and minty I honestly feel as though I have just brushed my teeth after using this which makes it perfect after lunch or a snack.

So good!