CBD For Dogs

Finding high-quality CBD for dogs isn’t as easy as you might think. It is a booming industry with plenty of cash on offer. Sadly, this leads to an array of dubious practices as people try to make a quick buck. At Premium Jane, we pay for lab testing and high-quality extraction, to ensure our customers get the very best. There is an enormous number of CBD products for dogs available online. Only some of them meet the high standards you should seek. The CBD provided by Premium Jane comes from hemp grown in the United States. We don’t use solvents in the extraction process, so there is no chance of any nasty residual products remaining. This is excellent news for you and your pet.
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Is CBD for Dogs Safe?

The evidence to date suggests that organic CBD for dogs has a good safety profile. The World Health Organization (WHO) considers CBD safe in general. It is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in hemp. Unlike THC, it doesn’t result in a ‘high.’ Research indicates that THC can cause confusion and adverse side effects in dogs. However, CBD is highly unlikely to cause these issues.

Like you, your dog has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that produces cannabinoids naturally. When ingested, CBD could have an impact on the ECS and affect various bodily functions. This is because of how it interacts with the cannabinoid receptors in the ECS. The entire process is complicated, but researchers are working hard to learn more.

It seems as if CBD for a dog is safe, as long as you don’t give it a considerable amount. This is why you should keep the amount as low as 1mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight. Some pet owners also suggest that their dog becomes sedated or sleepy if they receive a large level of CBD. Again, you can navigate this issue by carefully monitoring how much CBD you administer.

As pets require less CBD than humans, brands ensure their hemp CBD for dogs is less concentrated than what they sell to people. For instance, the Premium Jane 250mg CBD offering comes in 30ml of liquid. This equates to 8.33mg of CBD per ml. Our lowest concentration for humans is 10mg per 1ml, increasing to 33.33mg. Our CBD oil for dogs also comes in a delicious bacon flavor. Your pooch is more likely to enjoy that than citrus, mint, or unflavored oils!

Where to Buy CBD for Dogs

Realistically, there are hundreds of online stores, and a variety of physical shops to choose from. You can even buy CBD for dogs in a gas station, though we don’t recommend it. Avoid any product that doesn’t come with third-party lab reports from an accredited lab. This documentation is key to knowing what is inside the item in question.

Remember, there is no federal regulation in place regarding CBD at present. Therefore, anyone can put liquid in a bottle and claim it is CBD. When a product has lab reports, you can see what it contains. This includes cannabinoid, terpene, and pesticide content. At Premium Jane, we provide this information with all of our products.

The list of potential benefits of CBD for dogs is lengthy. Some research suggests it could help manage everyday stresses in humans. Many people don’t realize that pets can also suffer from phobias, anxiety, and stress. Therefore, CBD could help them in a similar fashion to humans. Preliminary findings also suggest that CBD is an antiemetic. If this is true, it could enable us to use CBD to control vomiting and nausea.

However, CBD brands are prohibited from making medical or health claims when selling their products. Regardless of what the evidence says so far, it is vital to bear that in mind. Responsible brands like Premium Jane adhere to these guidelines, and we advise customers to stay away from companies that don’t.


What Is CBD for Dogs?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the most abundant non-intoxicating cannabinoid in hemp. Your dog will not get ‘high’ after taking it. Research indicates that CBD interacts with the cannabinoid receptors in the ECS. These receptors control a wide variety of functions in the body. All mammals have an ECS, so CBD could have a similar effect on dogs and cats as it does on humans.

What Does CBD Do for Dogs?

Bear in mind that CBD brands are not allowed to make any medical claims. This is because the FDA has yet to approve the cannabinoid as a ‘treatment.’ However, recent research into CBD is fascinating. It potentially acts as an anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, and antiemetic.

How Many Mg of CBD for Dogs?

Much of it depends on the weight of your dog. In general, pet owners should begin with 1mg of CBD for every 10 pounds their canine weighs. For instance, a 5-pound dog could get 0.5mg, while a 30-pound dog would consume 3mg.

The CBD oil for dogs sold by brands such as Premium Jane contains fewer mg of CBD per ml than tinctures designed for humans. Our bacon-flavored 250mg of CBD bottle contains 30ml of liquid. This equates to 8.33mg of CBD per ml. One-quarter of a dropper would provide approximately 2.08mg of CBD, enough for a 20-pound dog. Make sure you monitor how your dog reacts to the CBD before deciding to increase or decrease it. The easiest way to apply the CBD is to add it to your pet’s food or water. They will enjoy the bacon flavor in any case!

How Long for CBD to Work in Dogs?

At present, no one knows precisely how long it takes for CBD to take effect. The mode of consumption is all-important. Orally consumed CBD may take longer than CBD oil taken beneath the tongue. Of course, your dog will not keep the oil under its tongue!

Estimates vary, though CBD pet oil or chews could take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to take effect. It is also likely that any positive impact is gradual. Indeed, it may take a week or more before you realize that your pet is ‘different’ than in recent times.