Premium Jane’s Brand New CBD Dog Treats

Jeff Yauck | December 31, 2021

Following the success of our popular CBD pet range, the team at Premium Jane decided to expand on our range of formulas to provide pet-loving customers with a variety of options to treat their canine companions. Our new collection features four mouth-watering chews, as well as a new bacon-flavored CBD oil formula that will literally have your dog drooling.

Continue reading to find out which Premium Jane CBD pet formula is right for your furry friend!

Our New CBD for Pets Range: What’s Available?

Dog owners love CBD-infused treats because, well, it makes it a heck of a lot easier to give CBD to your pet! Have you ever tried to give a dog a dose of standard/regular CBD oil? Not so easy, is it? That is exactly why we’ve crafted effective, pet-specific formulas in two delicious flavors that your dog will love:

  • Sirloin and sweet potato
  • Apple and cinnamon oats

Each pack of treats comes in two strength options: 50mg and 100mg. The 100mg chews contain 5mg of CBD per treat and are suitable for large to medium-sized dog breeds, while the 50mg treats contain 2.5mg of CBD each and are best suited for smaller breeds. Also, the soft consistency means you can portion the treats as necessary, easily cutting them into halves, thirds, or even quarters.

If you prefer to have even more control over the amount of CBD you’re giving your pet, Premium Jane Pet CBD Oils are perfect. In addition to our classic 250mg pet oil, we’ve added a new, stronger 500mg option for larger dog breeds or for owners that want to up their pet’s daily milligram CBD intake.

Whether you opt for our dog treats or pet oil drops, you can rest assured that Premium Jane offers the best and most effectively-formulated pet-specific CBD range on the market. Our products are THC-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and are always made with pure, organic ingredients.

Giving CBD to Dogs: What You Need to Know

Dogs and cats are mammals, and this means that, just like us humans, they have an actively functioning endocannabinoid system that responds to CBD and other plant-based cannabinoids. However, due to their smaller body mass, our pets are often more receptive to the presence of cannabinoids.

When giving CBD oil to pets, it’s vital to find a product that is pet-friendly. This means it should have extremely low quantities of THC (guidelines state that this amount should be less than 0.3% for all products), as well as organic, wholesome ingredients that are made without the use of chemicals or preservatives.

At Premium Jane, we have taken the time to develop pet-friendly products that your dog will actually enjoy. Our sweet potato and sirloin CBD pet chews contain genuine beef and sweet potato flavors, and are made with gluten-free oat flour. Your dog’s well-being is our top priority, and this is why we spare no expense in terms of the quality of ingredients we use to craft our Pet CBD range.

Is CBD Oil or CBD Treats Better for My Dog?

You know your pet better than anyone, but still, it can be tough (for obvious reasons) to know just how effective the pet CBD product you’re using actually is. In terms of deciding between CBD dog treats or pet CBD oils, there are a few things we like to point out to potential customers.

CBD oils are beneficial in that they allow you to adjust milligram dosage as necessary. Using the pre-calibrated dropper cap, it is easy to cater to your pet’s specific needs and fully customize their daily dose. Alternatively, treats are geared more towards convenience – with our two delicious flavors, you can be sure that your pet will look forward to taking their daily CBD.

Whatever you decide, remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to finding the best CBD product for your pet. Below, we’ve outlined a convenient table that you can use to help determine the best product – and dosage – that will offer the most benefit for your beloved pet.

CBD for Dogs: What’s the Right Dosage?

The best CBD dose for dogs will vary depending on a variety of factors, including age, breed, weight, and so on. Our products come with a handy dosage guide printed on the label, so you’ll have it with you wherever you go. This way, you’ll never forget how much CBD to give your dog.

Dog SizeDaily Amount50mg Hemp Chews100mg Hemp Chews250mg Hemp Oil500mg Hemp Oil
Under 10lbs11/21/40.6ml twice daily0.6ml twice daily
11-25lbs1.53/41/30.6ml twice daily0.6ml twice daily
25-50lbs2.51½0.6ml 4x daily0.6ml 4x daily
50-75lbs52 ½10.6ml 4x daily0.6ml 4x daily
Over 75lbs7.53 ¾1 ½0.6ml 5x daily0.6ml 5x daily

We recommend keeping a journal that details your pet’s specific response to CBD. Begin by notating the date, time, and how much CBD you gave your dog. Then, observe and describe the effects over several hours. Continue this for at least a week before adjusting dosing and/or determining the effectiveness of the product you’re using.

If you notice little positive change, feel free to up the milligram intake slightly. Repeat the process of observing and taking notes, and continue this pattern until you start to achieve the positive effects you’re looking for. Pay close attention to detail, and remember that CBD’s benefits can be subtle.

Premium Jane: The Best CBD Pet Products For Sale

Here at Premium Jane, we believe our products are the best out there when it comes to offering tangible, effective benefits for your pet(s). The journey begins with our premium-quality hemp plants, which are grown on generational American farms using organic methods. We never use fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or chemical growth enhancers to cultivate our crops.

After our high-quality hemp is harvested, the plants go to our lab where we use closed-loop extraction methods to draw out a full-spectrum of beneficial, hemp-derived compounds. The closed-loop CO2 extraction system keeps the phytocompounds intact while avoiding the use of solvents – ensuring that each and every product is safe and free from toxins, soil-based heavy metals, and other unwanted compounds.

We also lab-test every batch of products using an independent third party laboratory, ensuring that every item we ship out adheres to the strictest of quality standards. We offer Certificates of Analysis (COAs) free to view on our site, so you know that what’s printed on the product label, is what’s actually going into your pet’s body.

Lastly, our Premium Jane customer care team works hard to ensure that every customer is satisfied with their purchase – which is why we provide a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. We also welcome any questions or queries you might have, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team!

Summary: Choosing the Best CBD Product for Your Dog

The Premium Jane team understands how important your pets are to you. As a result, we have gone above and beyond to craft a line of exceptional CBD products that your furry friend can enjoy. With quality CBD packed into every bite – and a dosage system to suit every dog – we’ve truly got you covered from snout to tail.

Our Premium Jane CBD dog treats are crafted using delicious, organic ingredients, so be sure to shop the Premium Jane pet range today and let your dog in on the wonders of pure, quality, hemp-derived CBD.


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