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Organic CBD Oil: Is There Really Any Difference?


Most users are overly aware that there’s an abundance of low-quality CBD products out there on the market. No matter where you look, you’ll find that there’s a disparity in the quality of different CBD oils. One way to find a high-quality product is to search for organic CBD oil.


Sadly, finding organic products is not always as clear-cut as it sounds. In this article, we run through what ‘organic’ really means in the context of CBD, and let you know how to find the best organic CBD oil.

What Is Organic CBD?

The word ‘organic’ usually refers to a product grown or made without the use of chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, or insecticides. It’s a massive buzzword because people want to avoid such compounds in the interest of their health. Organic products are usually considered safer and more beneficial. It’s no wonder, then, that organic CBD is so widely sought after.


Shopping for organic food is simple. The food will display a label claiming it is organic. Better yet, it will often say ‘certified organic.’ This certification comes from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and verifies that the product is at least 95% organic. (The other 5% must be substances that are approved by the USDA as well).


This is why it can be difficult to source organic CBD oil. First of all, the hemp used to make the CBD must be organic. On top of that, the carrier oil must be certified organic. And then, there are all the other potential ingredients depending on the type of product you are using.

Why Choose Organic CBD Oil?

Finding an organic CBD oil might seem like a hassle, but trust us when we say it’s worth it. I mean, not that anyone’s out there doing studies this kind of stuff, but organic products generally denote quality and a willingness on behalf of the grower to put quality above all else.


In other words, if you’re looking for a good product it’s better a lot of times to find an organic CBD option. In this industry, where there are many unscrupulous sellers, it’s imperative in fact to do so.

Types of Organic CBD

When it comes to organic CBD, you have a lot of choices. You probably already know that there are endless numbers of products in the CBD market, and you can find most of these in organic form.


Perhaps the easiest product to find is an organic CBD isolate. As long as the hemp is grown organically, then you have a ready-made organic isolate! There are rarely any additives, which means the only organic product you need is hemp. The same applies to any form of CBD isolate. For example, you can easily find organic CBD wax, crystals, powder, and more.


It becomes trickier to find a 100% organic product when it includes other ingredients. Tinctures contain only the hemp extract and a carrier oil (usually), so it’s still reasonably easy for manufacturers to produce them organically. The same applies to capsules, which feature very few ingredients. Organic CBD capsules only need to contain organic extract, organic oil, and an organic skin layer.


Things become more complicated with other products. You may find it harder, for example, to locate organic CBD topicals, organic CBD edibles, and organic CBD vapes. The long list of ingredients makes it trickier for manufacturers to source entirely organic products. Also, it can depend on your definition of organic. Vapes, for example, usually contain propylene glycol, a chemical compound that might not be considered organic.


If you’re determined to use organic CBD products, it’s best to stick to more straightforward consumption methods with fewer ingredients, such as isolates, tinctures, or capsules.

Benefits of Organic CBD Oil

Mostly, an organic CBD tincture will have the same benefits as a regular CBD oil that is not organic. Many people use CBD oil daily, and only use a small amount each day. The CBD interacts with a biological network of receptors that make up the endocannabinoid system, or ECS.


This system is involved with many functions in the human body that work to keep us feeling balanced and healthy. CBD influences the endocannabinoid system in more ways than one, and may support things like calm and well-being. CBD has grown in popularity with a vast number of users, some of whom report that it has bettered their daily lives. There are numerous application options for CBD, so be sure to do plenty of research to find the product that will suit your needs best.


Of course, many assume organic CBD oil to be more beneficial than those which may contain things like fertilizers and other chemicals. Remember, chemicals used in growing could have a harmful effect on the user – and may even counteract the potential benefits of the CBD itself! With this in mind, it makes more sense a lot of times to simply use organic CBD oil.

Where Can I Buy Organic CBD Oil?

Shopping for organic CBD can be difficult as few retailers offer legitimate certification. However, a lot CBD retailers claim that their CBD is organic. So, how do you know the truth? Well, whenever you see organic CBD oil for sale, it’s essential to check for third-party lab reports. These reports should confirm the cannabinoid content of the oil for starters. They should also detail the presence ­­– or, hopefully, the absence ­– of chemicals in the product. If the product contains no chemicals, it may in fact have been made organically.


A lot of CBD sellers these days provide lab reports, so it’s not too difficult to buy organic CBD oil. Where – and how – you do so will depend on where you live. For some, the easiest way to purchase organic CBD is to go online. The number of CBD retailers online is ever-increasing, and this allows users to find an extensive range of choices. Plus, online, you can take the time to browse lab reports and verify the ‘organic’ claims for yourself.

Final Verdict on Organic CBD Oil

The CBD industry often appeals to health-conscious people who want to make the world a better place. There is a massive overlap between CBD users and environmentally conscious individuals. Organic CBD is so common because hemp growers and CBD users are interested in sustainable practices and healthy products.


There is evidence that chemical fertilizers used in growing can be harmful, which is why many consumers nowadays are looking to avoid them. An official organic certification from the USDA is something to be desired, but it is not something that every CBD retailer can obtain. CBD products often contain a large number of ingredients, and these must be organic to obtain the relevant certification. Despite this, it’s relatively easy to find organic CBD oil online. We suggest that our readers look for third-party lab reports to confirm the claims of organic CBD.

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