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Jeff Yauck | March 9, 2021
cbd lip balm

The lips are unlike any other area of skin on the body. For starters, they don’t produce the natural oils that keep the rest of the skin hydrated. Moreover, the rest of the body has between 15 to 16 protective layers, while the mouth only has three to four. And I’m sure all of us can agree that there is absolutely nothing nice about dry, chapped, flaky lips.

While some lip balms are designed to improve moisture in the sensitive skin of the lips, many of these products simply provide temporary relief without doing much else. But what about CBD lip balm?

With the ever-expanding popularity of CBD skincare products, CBD lip balm has become one of the hottest new trends of the moment. Unlike traditional lip balm, a quality CBD-infused lip balm comes with added potential benefits thanks to CBD’s anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties.

How Does CBD Lip Balm Work?

Initially, CBD is extracted from hemp in a concentrated form before being added to a moisturizing lip balm formula. It works alongside moisturizing ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, and hemp seed oil to add moisture back into dehydrated lips.

According to science, all mammals are born with an endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS interacts with cannabinoids, like CBD, via specific cannabinoid receptors located throughout the body, including the lips. This means that CBD doesn’t need to enter the body through inhalation or ingestion in order to exert its effects.

Since you are applying CBD to a specific area, it can target localized endocannabinoid receptors easily and efficiently. In other words, when you apply a CBD lip balm, you’re actually targeting cannabinoid receptors in that specific region, thereby providing comfort and relief directly to the lips.

CBD’s interaction with the ECS is subtle yet powerful. It has the potential to improve irritation and redness while helping to soothe the discomfort of broken skin.

The Benefits of CBD Lip Balm

Most CBD lip balms on the market are made using natural ingredients like beeswax. Using high-quality ingredients ensures that the balm can moisturize your lips without leaving them feeling oily and uncomfortable. Of course, you also get the added benefit of the cannabidiol extract.

Antioxidant properties

The antioxidants found in CBD, like omega 3 and 6, may help repair damage attributed to excessive sun exposure. Additionally, other nutrients present in CBD lip balm, such as vitamin A, D, and E, may help remove harmful agents from your lips and help keep them healthy.

Antibacterial properties

CBD makes for an impressive stabilizing agent. Our bodies are full of unstable cells and free radicals that damage healthy cells. CBD could help benefit the lips by helping to neutralize and stabilize free radicals responsible for protecting our lips. This effect is possible due to CBD’s innate antibacterial properties, supporting the lips against bacteria, infection, and irritation.

Deeply moisturizers

The main goal of any lip balm is to moisturize the lips. The lips don’t have oil glands, which means they can’t hydrate themselves as the skin can elsewhere. Therefore, it’s completely our responsibility to keep them moisturized.

Certain things like diet, genetics, and drinking enough water contribute to the softness and moisture of our lips. However, if you think you’re doing all the right things and are still struggling with painfully dry or cracked lips, CBD can help by providing hydration and adding moisture. The ideal CBD lip balm will incorporate other naturally hydrating ingredients, like avocado oil, beeswax, and more.

Anti-inflammatory properties

CBD is very well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which is why many people swear by its usefulness in relieving pain. As a result, CBD lip balm may be effective in minimizing inflammation of the lips, thereby reducing the pain often associated with lips that are in a bad condition.

According to anecdotal reports, CBD has soothing properties that could be useful for chapped or dry lips, cold sores, or sun-exposed lips and could calm the unpleasant pain that accompanies it.

All that said, it’s important to note that scientists are still researching precisely how CBD lip balm works and if it’s really that much more effective than standard lip balm. Anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that many users have positive results when using CBD lip balm. However, it’s difficult to say whether it’s the CBD delivering these positive effects or the other moisturizing ingredients found in many of these balms.

How to Choose the Best CBD Lip Balm

The first step in finding the best CBD lip balm is to identify a trustworthy and reputable manufacturer. CBD products, in general, aren’t cheap, and nobody wants to be paying for an expensive knock off. Therefore, it’s important to do your research and read through some customer reviews before making a purchase.

Secondly, you need to look at the concentration of CBD within the product. Different CBD lip balms contain different types of cannabinoids, so it’s important to check the labels. The higher the CBD concentrate, the more benefits you will get out of the product.

Lastly, look at the different flavor options available. Many brands will offer flavored varieties of CBD lip balm, so if you have a personal preference, find a brand that appeals to your taste.

Final Thoughts on CBD Lip Balm

CBD lip balm is one of the newest products on the market and is certainly proving to be popular among users. Most of us live with lip balm as an essential accessory and dread the thought of running out and, therefore, keep several on us at a time. Now, with this new and exciting product, you can make at least one of your lip balms a CBD-infused variety.

It’s difficult to define the benefits of CBD lip balm with absolute certainty. Each person’s experience with CBD topicals is likely to be unique. That said, there are plenty of products out there that come in different scents and with different ingredients. For the best results, look for a CBD lip balm that contains hemp oil, beeswax, coconut oil, and other natural ingredients that are beneficial for the skin.


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