CBD Honey Sticks: Why We Love Them

CBD Honey Sticks: Why We Love Them
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Here at Premium Jane, we of course love all things CBD. We like to know when the latest products come out so we can give them a try for ourselves. Recently, CBD honey sticks were brought to our attention, so of course, we had to give them a go!

And as it turns out, we think they’re pretty great! The honey stick trend is sweeping through the market now, so we thought we’d share a little bit about this cool product. Read on to find out what CBD honey sticks are, why they’re awesome, and how you can make some for yourself.

What Are CBD Honey Sticks?

This isn’t high-level physics here; CBD honey is, surprise surprise, just honey infused with cannabidiol. In case you were unaware, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in hemp. It is often used as a daily supplement because it is thought to help support general well-being.

Honey sticks come in two forms: Liquid or hardened. Hardened honey sticks are quite brittle and can be eaten as a snack, whereas the liquid ones come in a straw – they are sometimes called honey straws. The straw option is more common and what you’re likely to see on the shelves, so we’ll be talking mostly about this kind of honey stick.

It makes sense to add CBD to honey because, well, honey is the original “superfood.” The applications of honey are almost endless, and humans have used the ingredient for hundreds of years for a variety of reasons. Combining CBD’s popularity with the benefits of honey seems like an obvious combination, but how does it all work — and how do you use them together?

How Do You Use CBD Honey Sticks?

There are a few ways you can use CBD honey sticks. In fact, they’re quite the versatile product. Not only can you eat the CBD honey right out of the straw, but they can also be used as a food additive, sweetener, or even a topical application for your skin (if you don’t mind getting a little sticky).

Here are some of our favorite ways to use CBD honey sticks:

  • Suck the honey right out of the straw for a quick and tasty dose of CBD.
  • Pour the honey over cereal, yogurt, or even a salad.
  • Use it as a natural sweetener for a cup of tea, instead of artificial sugar.
  • Apply it to your skin or use it as an ingredient in a homemade face mask, lip balm or lotion.

The Health Benefits of Honey

Before we go on, we thought it would be a good idea to share some of the general health benefits of honey. After all, a good part of the genius behind CBD honey sticks is that the honey provides benefits of its own.

Honey is of course a 100% natural substance, produced by honeybees. It doesn’t spoil because it has already been digested by the bees, and it is packed full of nutrients and antioxidants. Really, it’s no wonder humans have been harvesting it for years – even at the risk of angry bees!

Although honey is fairly low in vitamins and minerals, there are trace amounts of several other nutrients. You would have to eat a lot of honey to meet your recommended daily intake (RDI) though. Even still, honey takes the cake when it comes to antioxidants.

Generally speaking, the darker the honey the more antioxidant compounds it contains. These compounds have been linked to things like lower blood pressure, improved cholesterol, and decreased risk of heart disease.

Unfortunately, there is “mixed information” when it comes to the specific health advantages of honey. Some studies say that honey is better than sugar for diabetics, while others say the opposite. One study has suggested that honey could improve heart health, but there have been no long-term clinical trials done on the matter.

Honey has also been suggested to be good for healing wounds. Manuka honey, in particular, is thought to be good for this use. The ancient Egyptians used honey as a wound treatment, and it is still sometimes used today in natural healing remedies. This is because honey is an anti-bacterial and an anti-inflammatory, and it is thought to nourish surrounding tissue.

In addition to injuries, honey can also be used for sore throats and for a healthy supply of quality triglycerides. Of course, the only way to make honey even more advantageous is to add CBD to it…

What We Love About CBD Honey Sticks

CBD honey sticks are wickedly tasty, and the honey masks the bitter hemp taste of the cannabidiol quite well. In other words, you can actually look forward to consuming your CBD when it’s in the form of a honey stick. In most instances, each individual stick contains a pre-measured dose of CBD, meaning you don’t have to fiddle around with an oil dropper. Here are some additional reasons why we love CBD Honey Sticks:

  • You get the health benefits of honey, with the added impact on your endocannabinoid system (ECS) from the CBD. It’s like a double whammy of health.
  • CBD honey sticks are quite versatile. You can eat them as they are, or add them to food as a sweetener.
  • You can carry CBD honey sticks in your bag, making them a portable and easy-to-use product.
  • Buying local honey is a way of supporting your local bee population. Bees are dying out at an alarming rate, so it’s good to know that you’re supporting these fuzzy little insects every time you take your daily CBD dose.

How to Make Your Own CBD Honey Sticks

Although you can buy CBD honey sticks online or at a store that sells CBD, you can also make it very easily on your own. It’s actually not too difficult, so let’s see how it’s done.

You Will Need:

  • A CBD product of your choice (unflavored oil tincture is preferable, or a CBD isolate powder)
  • 2 cups of honey (buy local if possible)
  • Saucepan
  • Glass measuring cup
  • Straws
  • Candle and either matches or a lighter
  • Needlenose pliers

Instructions to Make CBD Honey

  1. Heat water in a saucepan and place the glass measuring cup inside. Wait until the water reaches 95˚F – you might want to use a thermometer for this step.
  2. Once at the right temperature, allow it to sit for a few minutes so the glass heats up to temperature.
  3. Add all of the CBD product into the measuring cup. You will need to decide how much you are using depending on how potent you want your honey sticks to be. Add the honey on top.
  4. Initially, the two products will separate out. The heat will loosen up the honey, so keep stirring until it is well blended.
  5. Allow the honey to cool a little and add to any pot for storage.

Instructions to Make CBD Honey Sticks

  1. Light the candle using either matches or a lighter.
  2. Take a straw and hold it about ¼ of an inch from the opening. Hold the end of the straw close to the candle flame until the plastic begins to melt.
  3. Clamp the end shut with the needle-nose pliers, and hold the pressure for a few seconds until the plastic seals.
  4. Pour in the CBD honey until it nearly reaches the top, leaving enough room to seal the other end of the straw.
  5. Repeat steps 2 to 3 on the other side of the straw, sealing the honey inside.

And there you have it! It’s fairly simple to make CBD honey sticks, but you might need to clean up some spillage afterward if you don’t have a steady hand.

CBD honey has a lot of benefits, and the easy-to-use format of a honey stick is ideal for using CBD on the go. We think this product is pretty great, and we think you’ll enjoy it, too! Bear in mind however that it may take longer to take effect than sublingual oils. This is because you are actually ingesting the honey before it reaches the ECS.

Have you tried CBD honey sticks before? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

Rating (5 / 1)
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