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If you're on the search to buy 750mg CBD products, check out our expertly-crafted line of organic, cannabinoid-rich edibles and capsules. Far easier to dose and handle than our standard oral tinctures, these products offer the same world-class Premium Jane formula in an ultra-convenient, easy-to-consume option.

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CBD (750mg) Products from Premium Jane

When using CBD, 750 mg actually isn’t a size that you hear about too often. You see a lot of products rated between 300 and 1000 mg, but oddly enough there are few brands out there who have taken the time to incorporate a 750mg CBD option into their product lineup.

This is precisely why we’ve opted to produce a line of 750 mg CBD products; to provide options for you, the customer. Our goal ever since we started this company was to be customer-based, and we believe that offering a range of options is the only way to meet the varying needs of the folks who need our products.

That said, when using CBD 750mg isn’t the amount that you’ll be taking in a single dose; this is the total amount that’s in the entire product, and individual serving/application sizes are adjusted into much smaller increments.

For more information on how to use our various CBD products here at Premium Jane, continue reading below!

CBD Cream (750 mg): Topical Relief

First up is our CBD cream (750 mg), which, as you might have guessed, contains a potent 750mg of cannabidiol content in a single tub. Of course, you’re not going to be using an entire tub all at once.

Topical CBD application is incredibly simple; just retrieve roughly a fingernail-sized amount of lotion on your fingers, and gently massage into the affected area. This may be a sore muscle area, an arthritic joint, or an area of general inflammation.

The active CBD component will start interacting with cell receptors in the various skin layers, at which point the compound will begin to employ its anti-inflammatory effects. (Did you know that in its PubChem online database, the National Institute of Health lists CBD as having both anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties?.

Of course, bear in mind that everyone’s endocannabinoid system is different, and some people may experience very different results — even if the same amount of topical CBD cream is applied. Keep your expectations realistic, and don’t be afraid to adjust application sizes accordingly.

CBD Gummies (750 mg): Deliciousness Without Compromise

If quality (and enjoyable) taste is something that’s important to you in your CBD experience, then you absolutely must check out our new CBD gummies (750 mg), which come in an assortment of fruity flavors.

Each bottle comes with 30 gummies, so considering the total CBD content this equates to a potent 25 mg CBD per individual gummy — a very generous serving size. Moreover, unlike CBD tincture (which you have to apply sublingually and hold for 60+ seconds), you won’t feel out of place while at work or out in public if you enjoy a gummy bear here and there.

In fact, your co-workers will probably want to be getting in on the act! And since our CBD gummies are extracted from legal hemp grown right here in the USA, they are always available for shipping to all 50 states.

If you’ve never experienced gummies before, be advised that the effects may take a little while (up to two hours in some instances) to kick in. This is different to other products like oral CBD tincture or vape oils, which can be effective in as little as minutes.

Of course, CBD gummies (and other edibles) can offer much longer-lasting effects given that the CBD compound “embeds” itself into fatty tissue, which the body uses for long periods at a time.

CBD Capsules (750 mg) for Max Convenience

In terms of practicality, CBD capsules (750 mg) offer a virtually perfect balance between standard oral CBD tinctures and CBD gummy bears. While the tinctures are relatively fast-acting and provide very potent results, they can be cumbersome to try and dose and measure out correctly.

Gummies and other edibles, on the other hand, are very easy to “dose” but are lacking in terms of how long they can take to kick in. And of course, sugar-laden candies probably aren’t the “healthiest” way to administer your daily CBD intake (but they sure are delicious).

This is where CBD capsules come in. Our softgel pills are made using the same full spectrum extract as our oral tinctures, albeit in pre-dosed, ultra-convenient capsule form. Just put a capsule in your mouth, swallow with some water, and you’re done. No burdensome droplet counting, no watching in the mirror as you try and keep track of how many milliliters you’re consuming, and no holding a raw-tasting oil under your tongue for 90 seconds before swallowing.

CBD capsules offer incredibly easy dosing options, and at 25mg per individual capsule, this is still a great product to use for a range of purposes. Capsules can also be incredibly long lasting, with some users reporting that a single morning dose is all they need to experience the effects of CBD throughout the day.

CBD Flavors Across All Premium Jane Products?

Unlike our ultra-popular oral tinctures, our 750mg gummies, capsules, and topical CBD cream does not come in a range of flavors (hopefully you’re not eating the cream anyway!). If you’ve tried the oral tinctures, you’ll know that they come in a variety of flavor options, each of which offers its own unique benefits.

The citrus range is cool and refreshing for those long summer days, and is an excellent option for those wanting to experience the benefits of hemp extract but don’t want to deal with the earthy taste.

Likewise, our Mint flavor is another increasingly popular option, and in fact may soon trump the natural CBD oil in terms of customer preference.

Whatever flavor CBD product you prefer (or maybe you prefer to go flavorless), just remember that Premium Jane offers the best in terms of quality, purity, and reliability – we are a company based around customer satisfaction, so if anything is not up to your standards, just let us know. We’ll be happy to try and help.